Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Live Blogging Part Duo

There is a minor detail about this "live blogging". You need a "live" net connection. But here on the Shore that is not always possible so here is our "Almost Live Blog" of Princess day.

9:00 am- On the road to Pocomoke for car service and other stuff.

9:45 am- We made it to Hertrich's and are waiting the verdict of why the gas pump nozzle doesn't shut off automatically. Not a good thing to have happen at the Explosive price of gas.

10.45 am- Service guy says that the tank stopper thing widget is messed up, and there is a "Technical Service Bulletin" on it. Now that in itself is not good. A regular Bulletin or even a Service Bulletin would be serious, but a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is really not a good thing. Good news is the repair is covered by the warranty. Bad news is that it is covered for 3000 other folks ahead of us for the same problem, and the part is "unavailable" right now. BUT not all is lost. Our favorite dealer, Frostrom's, is right across the road and we have a discount coupon for an oil change. Off we go.

11:05 am- Got to Frostrom's a few minutes ago and they took the Liberty in for the oil change.

11:10 am- Service guy came out and said that it was time for the 30k mile service. We said "really?"!!!! He said YEP, they can do it right now and it will only be about $450 and about 2 hours. We said (gulp) OK, guess so.

1:30 pm- Service guy came out and said front end was out of alignment and wearing out the tires. Only $79 to fix that. We said, well I suppose we should, so go ahead.

2:15 pm- We are all done and after the discount coupons (remember the one for the oil change) our bill was $500+. We stepped back and reflected on this. We had started out this morning to have a problem, covered by warranty, taken care of. We didn't accomplish this. A $19.95 discount oil change has ended with a 30k mile checkup (Spring air put in tires, wipers lubed, muffler bearing greased) for just $500+. We were now safe for another 30K miles, except for the overflowing fuel problem which could be explosive and turn the just serviced car into a mass of molten metal and smoldering cinders. I hate reflections.

2:45 pm- Sitting down for lunner (lunch and dinner) at our favorite Chinese Buffet. Met Eden who is one year old and know how to feed himself. Only problem was hitting the moving mouth.

3:30 pm- Waddling out of our favorite Chinese Buffet. As always we have eaten to much so we need to walk to the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Lowes and from the feel of my stomach we may have to walk all the way home, ARRRRRUGGGGG!!!!

5:25 pm- Home at last. Lots of cards for the Princess to open and phone messages to listen to. Our favorite Possum Girl has dropped off fresh Baklava. All is well and good in the world (of the Frog and PenguINN at least).

Time for snuggies and then stuff we can't talk about.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a good Birthday!
Enjoy the Baklava!

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