Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunday Drive to the Zoo

Do you remember when years ago, folks took a Sunday drive? In many cases, it wasn’t even anywhere far; sometimes just to a nearby park area, without amusements or rides, just trees and maybe a lake.

Grenville and I used to do that too, and we’ve decided to start again. He posted here about Nick & Nora Nikon, our matching new cameras and how the Salisbury Zoo was last Sunday’s destination.

Here’s some colorful captures of mine starting with the first exhibit.colorful birds collageFollowed soon afterwards by my personal favorites — flamingoes.

flamingo collage2There’s usually some horseplay flamingo play going on . . .flamingos0825 (14)

Right before naptime for nearly all . . .flamingo collage3The macaws share the same enclosure with the flamingoes. (These are for blogger friend Tammy of Sweet Southern Happiness.)

macaw collage1And, they are dramatic with just a touch of selective (green) color.macaw collage2Shades of gray, black and browns displayed on the rheas.

rhea collage1And, the prairie dogs as well.prarie dog collage1We had a fun GREAT outing as we tried various camera settings. I have MORE zoo photos to share, but NOW it’s time to duck pair (5)

Do you take Sunday drives — OR did you ever?


barbara l. hale said...

Fantastic pics of those beautiful birds! I love the color of the flamingo. It's heavenly. Being retired, we sometimes take Sunday drives on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Life is good!

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos ! I am so glad you two are enjoying your cameras ! Yes Papa and I used to take Sunday drives but not so much now more like any time of the week now lol we live in a wonderful nature filled valley with a forest and river ! We walk it a lot well at least Miggs and I do Papa is at work during the week and enjoy all we have here. Sometimes we do drive to conservation areas but that is mostly in the fall and on the odd time we drive to the shores of lake Erie 6 min away and walk the beaches and lands and take photos . I love the outdoors . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

WOW, those flamingos are beautiful! I see you are getting your feet wet with this new camera.

There is a formula for determining the zoom mm you see on your screen when you start zooming, those mm numbers mean something to determine the Lens used.

I forgot the formula.

But if you zoom out on your camera say 1.8mm, the lens equivalent is: 50MM
Zoom 2.2mm = 60MM lens
2.5mm = 70MM lens
2.9 to 3.0 = 80MM lens
3.7 to 3.9mm zoom = 100MM
4.6 mm zoom = 125MM lens
7.4mm zoom = 200MM lens
9.2mm zoom = 250MM lens
11.1 mm zoom = 300MM lens
14.8mm zoom = 400MM lens
18.5 mm zoom = 500MM lens
22.2 mm zoom = 600MM lens

Hope this helps yoiu in getting that perfect shot.

Linda said...

Of course, I love Sunday drives!

Your bird pics are marvelous! Look at the color on the flamingos!

Montanagirl said...

Amazing photos. We do take Sunday drives, but not so much this year for some reason. I think the driving force is the price of gasoline.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such exquisite pics. We took a drive on Sunday.

Sandra said...

every single one of these could have been taken here at Jungle Gardens, except the rgeas, it is only 10 miles and i have not been there in about 3 years. and i used to go 3 times a year... we used to take a ride all the time, when they gas went up we stopped

Doris said...

Haven't done a Sunday drive in a long time. I remember one 31 years ago.....I was tired of waiting for our baby to be born and Dale suggested a drive. We had our son a few days later =)

Love the pictures! Nice cameras.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

We used to take Sunday drives every week when I was young. Most of the time we didn't stop anywhere, just rode around and looked at the scenery.

Your pictures are fantastic!

Anvilcloud said...

Way to go NN and NN. I guess I should now be CC instead of AC: C for Charlie or maybe Cecil.

Claire M. King said...

Lovely pictures.

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