Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blowing Bubbles

Time to “fess” up — do you blow bubbles ?
We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw
YUP that’s what we did Sunday while “porchin it” on a beautiful and very lazy afternoon. Breezy weather rolled in after Saturday rainstorms — perfect weather for one of my favorites — blowing bubbles. I wanted to try taking bubble photos with Grenville’s help. One thing we didn’t count on was the wind helping to blow the bubbles a\way TOO fast.
bubbles collage1
Grenville kept trying to blow them slower, if that’s even possible.bubbles collageAnd, I kept trying to get them in a photo before they crashed onto the porch.<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>
We kept trying, even switching to a larger bubble wand.bubbles collage2If you’re ever in the neighborhood, c’mon by and blow some bubbles. We have a supply of them, cause they are NOT just for kids.

Growing up, bubbles were the the highlight of The Lawrence Welk
Mancinimercer003.jpg Show on Saturday night at my parents’ home. After an early start in CA  where it was broadcast from the Aragon Ballroom in Venice Beach (1951-55), it ran nationally for 27+ years on the ABC network from 1955-1971. The show was originally broadcast in B&W; color broadcasts started in 1965. The show would open with floating bubbles, accompanied by a sound effect of a bottle of champagne opening. Welk’s style was called “champagne music.” This description is said to have originated from an engagement at the William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, when a dancer called the band's sound “light and bubbly as champagne.” (The hotel claims to have the original bubble machine, a prop left over from a 1920s movie premiere.)

To make the "Champagne Music" tagline visual, the production crew built a bubble machine that spouted bubble streams. It was originally set up to produce soap bubbles, but after complaints from band members about soapy build-ups on instruments, the machine was re-worked to produce glycerin bubbles.

How about you — do you blow bubbles — OR
  • daydream and do nothing
  • play on a tire swing
  • fly a kite
  • visit a farm
  • read under the covers — with a flashlight
  • catch fire flies
  • watch sunrises and/or sunsets
  • splash barefoot in puddles after a rainstorm
  • catch butterflies with a net
  • hold a frog or toad
  • listen and amaze at the power of a waterfall
  • chase a rainbow (better yet, find the pot of gold)
Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Mark Twain
Youth is wasted on the young.
George Bernard Shaw


Daisy said...

Lovely post! Bubble blowing is great fun. I love sunsets and sunrises and watching the fireflies too. I've been listening to the tree frogs croak in the park too. Summer is quickly winding down. I'm glad there's still time to enjoy some of these things though.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

You get colder weather than us here, I read some blog where the photographer blew bubbles in the freezing cold, the bubbles forze instantly which gave a cool effect. maybe you can try that for us that do not live in colder areas.

Cool shots of the bubbles and that was sweet of your hubby to help.

My brother and I use to slide down the freshly waxed stairs on our bums in our footie PJ's to see who could get down them faster. no wonder my back is now all screwed up. There were 18 steps as I recall. Dont think I would do that now but blowing bubbles seems like fun. Wonder how you make glycerin bubbles?

Sandra said...

the most fun time ever, was blowing bubbles at the nursing home, they joy on their faces as they sat in their wheel chairs in the courtyard was amazing. yes i blow bubbles and now i wish i had some to blow right now.

NCmountainwoman said...

I suppose I'm most likely to listen and watch a waterfall. I don't have any bubble stuff, but if I did, I'd be blowing bubbles right along with you.

grammie g said...

Hi B... Cute post, and a great idea!!
I haven't blown bubbles since my grandson was small, I should do that!!

When I was a kid my Mom would use the odd's and ends of Ivory soap pieces that she saved in a jar with some water in it. and we used that to make bubbles (you can tell how old I am )!!

I like splashing my feet in mud puddles, or at least just have to walk through them hee-hee!!

I like watching sunsets, I used to swing on the swing from the apple tree in the back yard until the rope
broke and I never fixed it!!

Lawrence Whelk interesting info bit !!


Out on the prairie said...

I use them as a therapy with clients, but found one person who was terrified for some reason.Have a bottle on my front porch for visitors.

Montanagirl said...

GREAT post! And I love the quotes at the end.

Anonymous said...

I love blowing bubbles :-) I usually blame it on my dogs since at least Sune and Nova tries to catch them but I think I enjoy it more than they do :-)

Have a great day!

Our photos said...

Thanks that you visit our blog!
Lovely photos!
Have a nice day, RW & SK

Elaine said...

Blowing bubbles is fun. We've been doing it often this summer because Sydney loves them. I get the most fun out of taking photos of her chasing them. It's fun too to catch her and her grandpa playing in the sprinkler. We have some little footballs and the rules for sprinkler football are very fluid--it all depends on her 4-year-old whims. I enjoy observing nature's beauty, especially when I can capture it with my camera.

possum said...

Ah, the joy of having grandkids so folks who NEED an excuse for blowing bubbles or playing in the rain/ puddles or catching frogs have their excuse! If you don't have any little ones available, volunteer at your local boys/girls' club.
I have bubble stuff here for the g-kids next visit. But I just might not wait!

Anita Johnson said...

Yes! I blow bubbles! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I'm not a fan of winter, but blowing bubbles helps pass the cold months away!

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