Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the Up and Up

OK we admit to REALLY liking the fact that gas prices have been steadily decreasing in recent weeks. Some stations  here were as low as $3.23/gallon, excluding that 9/10 part, better than posted about in mid-June.

SHORT-LIVED joy, as THIS is what we saw at stations yesterday(Friday) in a 45-minute drive from our VA home to Pocomoke, MD.

rising pricesIt wasn’t a road trip; we were on our way to the closest Jeep dealership after getting a recall notice this week for our 2007 Liberty. It had to do with rear suspension control arms that “could fail” in 2004-2007 year vehicles.

We’re using this SUV for a road trip and NOT taking any chances on it being in that group. Good news is that the part would be replaced at no charge, other than time and costs to get there, and it included a FREE safety check too — always good BEFORE a trip

IMG_0740BACK TO THOSE GAS prices . . . while the three chains above were HIGHER, we  found a couple of Sunoco stations had not gone up (yet).

WHOOPS, forgot to add that on a day earlier on Thursday, the lowest price was at $3.23+/gal; and Friday a.m. the cost had JUMPED to $3.37+/gal. at these same stations on our route.

AND, we caught a glimpse of an even higher price at this CITGO station, perhaps an indication of what’s coming ?IMG_0742

Same thing happening in your area — gas prices rising?


Sandra said...

YEP! we are on the way up, ours went to a low of 3:15 and now is 3.33

Anvilcloud said...

Life is a gas. In fact, I have some right now.

Country Gal said...

It's crazy isnt it ? Wonder what the gas companies would do if we all started to travel by horse and buggy , heck the Amish do it ! Have a good day and stay cool !

Anonymous said...

I wish we had Your petrol prices :-)

Have a great day!

Snapper II said...

Yep, our's went as low as low $3.03
and yesterday it was $3.23 at the same pumps.

possum said...

Yep, earlier in the week it was $3.15 here on the Shore, $3.19 in several places... I went over to Onancock Friday and filled up for $3.23.
Ga$ is still $2.93 near Roanoke.

L. D. Burgus said...

Well the news isn't reporting that we have sent an aircraft carrier full of jets over to the oil region. Between Syria and the rest of the struggling governments some things are going to happen in the area of oil production over there. I did see that crude dropped yesterday ten cents but that doesn't make much difference in the bigger picture.

Out on the prairie said...

They are up and dowwn here, 321 is what i paid last, but you need to remember the cheap places around the metro area.

Doris said...

Yep, ours is going up too. I had 20 points (= $.20 off a gallon) to use this week, compliments of our grocery store since I bought $100 worth of groceries. So, I filled up at $2.99. Gass prices have gone higher since then!

Butterbean Row said...


the price at Costco this week was $3.05 per gallon. Yes it has gone down but remember just 5 years ago, I could fill up my SUV for $20.
Just can't understand why we pay for gas from an enemy when we have been blessed with so much undrilled oil here in the USA?

All the best,


Don't unplug your hub. said...

Unbelievably they have gone down. It won't last!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The price went up here in Northern VA by 10 cents on Friday to $3.44. Last week when I was driving to Kentucky I saw a few places were it was just under $3. It helped on a long drive

Montanagirl said...

We filled up today - $3.659 for our pickup. That's down from $3.819 a week ago or so.

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