Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look Who's 1 (Already)

0719 Ellie Bday3.jpg

Yes, it seems like yesterday, but was really a short year ago that we were announcing the arrival of granddaughterIMG_0950.JPG Elizabeth, known as "Ellie." Those 12 months have gone by quickly and we have been fortunate to spend several visits with Ellie and grandson Bobby during the past year, including our recent May family wedding get-together.

We first met Ellie when she was 2 weeks old and became besotted with her just as we had been upon the birth of her brother 5-1/2 years earlier.

Today, July 19, was Ellie's 1st Birthday. We were there to help celebrate with pizza and a birthday "cake."

Grandpa Grenville came up with the "perfect" cake. Can you guess what he had in mind?

If you thought Cinnamon buns, you were RIGHT — although these were from Ikea, because there was no Cinnabon on our way to Ellie's home. While not the same, these were still delicious, just ask Ellie (or Grenville).

0719 Ellie Bday5.jpg

0719 Ellie Bday4.jpg

THEN, it was time to for birthday gifts - NO, Ellie did not get her own iPhone, although she did prefer it to the play one she received from mom and dad. Mom Shannon helped Ellie answer a couple of birthday calls on her iPhone.

0719 Ellie Bday2.jpg

And, of course, what kid's birthday would be complete without some new (and noisy) toys from grandpa and grandma?

0719 Ellie Bday.jpg0719 Ellie Bday1.jpg

The BIG birthday party with lots of family and friends will be this coming Saturday. This will be a BIG event in this little one's young life and we will be there to help celebrate (once again). And, we continue to be besotted with her and Bobby too.

Happy 1st Birthday, Ellie !


Anonymous said...

One year already??!! Time just flies doesn't it :-)
I can see that the birthday was a good one :-)

Congratulations are sent from Sweden :-)

Have a great day!

Daisy said...

She's adorable! What fun to celebrate her birthday with her. I like the idea of a cinnamon roll for her "cake." That was the perfect size for her. Very sweet pictures, Beatrice.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I would sing but it would crash the computer and I dont think with the cable being out for almost 2 days, I want that to happen so I will just wish the precious one a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

May the lord bless her with many happy days on this earth.

SHE IS growing so fast!.

possum said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl from Possum!
Is she ready for her pink Deere socks yet? Barn boots?

Montanagirl said...

The "noisy" birthday gifts are the BEST....then you can go home!! LOL

Elaine said...

She's such a cutie. It looks like that cinnamon roll was a big hit! Babies always like things with lots of sugar.

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