Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dollar Tree – Bargains with NO Returns

Buy something from Dollar Tree, need to return it and hope for a refund or credit . . . Forget about it.

Because, if you didn’t know it — which we didn’t, but do now —  Dollar Tree doesn’t process refunds or store credit, only on-the-spot exchanges.
OK, we’ve shopped Dollar Tree stores before (cards, gift bags, etc.) without knowing the returns policy. Nothing ever went back. IF we got a bad item, it was discarded — after all, this is the place where everything is $1.
But,  last week Grenville bought an assortment of kid stuff dollar treefor summer bug-hunting: bug nets, bug boxes, hand-held magnifiers, colored pencils, stickers and notepads.

NOPE, not for the grandson.
As he’s done before, Grenville was set to volunteer at a summer camp,teaching  ecology to 9-12 year olds. The Christian-based camp operates on something akin to a shoestring budget; many attendees are sponsored. Volunteers supply most of the items that the kids get to use and keep — Grenville stocked up for his session.
You’ve heard that timing is everything, in this case it wasn’t. Grenville bought the items 1 day BEFORE his session was cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Everything was still in the original packaging, so back to DT it was going for return or store credit . . .
Nope, nada, no way, zip, zilch
You have to exchange the items then and there for items whose value is the same as —or exceeds— the original purchase. Here’s the “official” no-return policy from the Dollar Tree website:
So that we may continue to provide you extreme value for $1.00 when shopping at one of our retail stores, we reserve the right to limit quantities, do not offer refunds, and consider all sales final. We will gladly exchange any unopened item with the original receipt, however, we do not offer exchanges on seasonal merchandise. When shopping online at, all sales are final.
YES, we explained what happened, and admit to ignorance of store policy. NOW, we know, SO we won’t be shopping there. YES, we just know how upset DT will be. We’re NOT  steadfast Walmart shoppers, but it’s closer WITH a 90-day return policy.
BTW, Grenville is upset cause he didn’t get to go to camp this summer . . .  anyone know where there’s one teaching ecology — he has the supplies !


Sandra said...

i have never tried to return anything, so was unaware of the policy. now we know. hope he finds a class some where. or you could exchange the thing for sandwich bags or or garbage bags or all kinds of things. i know i could find things to trade them for. i used to shop there a lot before i retired. it was great for party things for my team and was across the street. which reminds me, they have napkins and paper plates and cups and forks to exchange it for.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Good thing you let us know, I had no idea. I only go there to get that Amazing Cleaner solution.

sorry the camp was cancelled, I know I would be upset too. I LOVED CAMP!

Maybe something will come up soon where he can use these supplies.

A Quiet Corner said...

Too bad camp was "nixed" and really too bad about unable to return!!...:)JP

Eggs In My Pocket said...

So sorry for this. Maybe he can use this at a later time?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sandra, thanks for the ideas, all of which are good ones and include many items we've bought at DT over time. Problem here was that we had to do it all at once and we are really trying not to have excess "stuff."

Tammy, figured there might be others (like us) who didn't know so wanted to share the info. I've gotten that cleaning stuff there before as well. Grenville is going to check with another camp volunteer to see if she could use the items. Grenville LOVED camp too!

JP, we learned from the experience and so it's all good.

Kathleen, unfortunate about the timing of the purchase and cancellation but not exactly a real disaster. Rather than save the stuff, he plans to pass it on to someone who might be able to use it.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi All, just a quick update go this post, one of the other camp volunteers offered to use the stuff Grenville bought for his later cancelled session, so it's definitely ALL GOOD.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Glad it worked out - didn't know about the no return policy.

Daisy said...

I was unaware of this policy, but it's good to know. I'm glad to hear everything worked out for the best.

Anvilcloud said...

No doubt you will be able to find a good home for the items.

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