Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Place Like Home,

unless you’ve been away for a while and the chores, projects, and seasonal stuff is waiting for you. Our month in  Maine was fabulous. But when we got home there was grass to contend with, unpacking, sorting out cloths that were headed for the thrift store (remember, i bought a bunch of stuff at Remy’s).

So what else have we been up to???? Well there was getting our local train station ready for an open house last weekend. AND who can forget our visit to the Bodacious Bovines and Swingin’ Swine at Turlington Farms in Chancetown (pop. 25). The greenhouse is more organized now, and as of this afternoon it has electricity. The boat is winterized and covered now. AND as of today the wiring in our barn is finally finished with the lights on the front that are on a dusk to dawn photocell.

IMG_5888 IMG_5890 Almost looks like a little village, all we need is some elves. Maybe they will show up after we put the Christmas lights on all the outbuildings.

And after a long day of barn work for me and wildflower chopping for the Princess, we IMG_5875relaxed with some late afternoon coffee and a fire in our new Chimera out on the patio. Really hard to get a good shot of the Chimera, especially from the kitchen window, so i did the smart thing and asked Beatrice to do it. So now you know the rumor that Beatrice locked me away is greatly exaggerated.  Possum, if you make a comment it better be nice!!!!


Anvilcloud said...

It does look elvish.

Lois Evensen said...

Ah so comfy. :) I love the chimera.

Anonymous said...

Thanks AC. I'm thinking of getting my ears bobbed and pointy shoes for Christmas. Hi Lois. Amazing how a fire affects people. I find them relaxing now that i don't have to run into them.

Elaine said...

Oh, yeah, a couple of elves and a reindeer or two and you're in business. Maybe you can get them to keep the fire going for you.

possum said...

When are my comments less than nice???? You hurt my feelings!
So, I was gonna say, in pure Southern tradition, "Well, shut mah mouth!" But the printed word without the southern twang just doesn't do the phrase justice!
Way-yell, shuuut maah ma-owth.

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