Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grenville Answers

The rumor that Beatrice pushed me into the chipper is greatly exaggerated. BUT thanks to everyone who had great ideas for our tree. The way the puzzle was made looked like this:

P1040019 P1040020 P1040022 P1040023 P1040024 P1040025

I was amazed at the size of the limbs the chipper would take. When it was done they went to the back of the property where i had made a new bin for the chips and dumped thP1040138em. AND yes some will be used for walkways, some for mulch, and some will get run through our chipper and become ‘green fertilizer’.

I did save 3 of the nice straight limbs fP1040176or future turning projects. I see lots of bowls in that pile, but not till next year. Well maybe sooner if i turn a few green. And of course we saved the infamous (now) seat for two. After I set it in front of my shop it just looked so cool i left it.

P1040121 P1040136


This was the real trunk. It’s hard to see but the tree was allowed to develop multiple main trunks and some nasty crotches, one of which was starting to split. This is what was left of the stump after grinding. Next year it will sink enough to get seeded .P1040151

We also had the guys trim a huge limb off our neighbors pecan tree that was right over our barn. I only kept one piece for turning. Pecan wood doesn’t bring a great price here, but nice oak does.

Thanks to everyone for sharing our adventure. Our next adventure is to Atlanta for Thanksgiving Dinner with the Old Bike Rider his family and friends (some of whom we just haven’t met yet.)


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, this tree thing is something else, isn't it! You have some beautiful wood there. Your maple is much nicer wood than our catalpa tree, of course. The catalpa will burn nicely, though.

Kjell T. Evensen said...

Looking at this reminds me that I still have 10 huge rounds of tree trunk weighing 250 pounds each to split. This is my "happy vacation." :)

The same as it is at our house, your tree experience seems to be a family event.

Elaine said...

Tree chippers are absolutely amazing to watch. Good choice to have someone else manning it. You saved Beatrice from being tempted.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to get a machine so I could make bowls (I couldn´t find a name for that machine :-) :-) Google wanted me to write turn and I´m not sure that´s the name for it :-) ).

Those chippers are a bit scary when they are as big as that one! We´ve had some nasty accidents with them over here. But I´m thinking of getting a garden chipper so I can make chips from all branches I get when cutting down the lilac hedge here.

Have a great day now!

possum said...

Know when you will really enjoy all this work? Next Nor'easter! You won't have to lie awake listening to the wind and worrying.

Montanagirl said...

Those tree chippers sure can gobble up a lot of tree parts in a hurry, can't they?

Patty said...

Funny you should mention a wood chipper. I almost logged off right away. Several months ago I accidentally threw my BlackBerry out with the Sunday paper. We just returned from Italy and jet lag combined, with a couple of cats crawling in and out of the sheets while I was deciding if I wanted to get out of bed or not, made me forget that I had picked up my BlackBerry and dozed off with it for a few moments. After waking up I decided to wash the sheets. I now have proof that a BlackBerry can not go through two wash cycles and live to ding another day. I joked to the editor of my newspaper about how I could kill my new BlackBerry and he said a wood chipped would be nice. Oh, no. Run!

That was one huge tree. Great photos, and I am happy to see that no Grenville or BlackBerry was harmed in the chipping of that tree.

Hope you have been doing well. I am just too busy to do anything but take photos, so excuse my lack of communication. I think about you, though - does that count?

An early Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.

The Gingerbread House said...

That looked like a heck of a job and I know your glad it done! looks like a lot of Chips. Can they be used for mulch? or are they too green?.
Have a happy Thanksgiving in Atlanta. Ginny

Anonymous said...

Morning All,
Glad everyone liked the tree saga. Yes Lois it was a big operation to me, to them it was 'just another tree'. I doubt that much of our Oak will get burned except for the scraps from the lathe. Actually Elaine, i stayed far from the chipper, and Beatrice was even farther. What you want Crister is a lathe. I use a midi lathe from Jet Machinery. I'm sure you have them over there. Then you need good Sorbe gouges and a low speed sharpener, and ,,,, well you get the idea. I'll have to post a tour of the 'Wood N ThingZ Shop'. Possum is right when she says we won't worry as much during the next Nor'easter. Sorry Patty, you know we are not so techy, but we did eat a lot of 'Blueberrys' while in Maine. In fact we may grow some here. Kjell, i would make tables out of those rounds if they are big enough. Some of our oddly shaped pieces will become platters of some sort. Hi Ginger. Yes the chips are in a nice bin now waiting to become mulch, walkways, and some will even get to take a ride through our chipper and become 'green manure' along with the chicken waste which we have an abundance of around here.

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