Monday, November 8, 2010

Better Days

There are numerous old and abandoned homes and farmhouses on the VA eastern shore. While driving along back roads, we have come across countless once-proud structures.

I’ve often wondered as to what made folks up and leave these places, but of course there’s no one around to ask. It’s been said that “if only walls could talk” surely what tales they would tell about the people who once lived within.

These two homes were both spotted during a recent weekend drive. Several blogging friends also enjoy photographing old homes, and these are especially for Elaine at Artic View and Mona at Montanagirl.

old farmhouse103010 (7)

There is no shortage of similar homes in these parts; others will be shown in future posts. house-field103010 (1)

This little house seems lost in the autumn colors which would have been even more striking with a clear blue sky.


Montanagirl said...

I love both of these! That second one is my favorite though. Thanks for making me feel special.

Lois Evensen said...

The second one is really cool. I love the way the colors all fit. Also that tree is humongous.

Naturedigital said...

It is a pity one can see so many abandoned places. In these two photographs of yours Beatrice the surrounding area is really beautiful. But people might have moved for a better life elsewhere.

Elaine said...

These are both really great shots. I like how the vines are taking over. Thanks for posting these. Traveling around the country I've seen so many abandoned houses. I think what Costas said is true, that a lot of the people moved for a better life and some because they could not make a living where they were. The children in a family often moved away and then when the old folks died the house and farm were just left empty. Our society has become very urban, and fewer and fewer people are living in the country, sometimes by choice and sometimes by necessity.

Anvilcloud said...

Old houses and barns are great subjects. The second photo is really well composed btw.

Out on the prairie said...

I have looked up owners on records, and the local coffee shops often have the answers, if not hardware stores.It is sad to see them decay when there are many who would enjoy them I reanted one that the owner charged me just the taxes, It was primitive and I had to do a few repairs , but he tore it downafter I moved.

grammie g said...

Hi Folks
I love old barns and houses and like you I wonder if walls could talk...
The second photo is just like a painting and it would make a great puzzle to!!

Anonymous said...

In one way I always feel sad when seeing what could have been perfect homes, but I have to admit that I love looking at them and wonder about their histories :-)

We have lots of them here too and I wonder why they didn´t even bother to rent them out as holiday houses instead of just letting them fall apart.

Have a great day!

possum said...

Most old abandoned houses around here did not have plumbing, many did not have electricity... it was just not worth it to try to "up grade" these old houses... easier to abandon them and take a tax depreciation.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi folks, glad you all enjoyed seeing these 2 homes, which have truly seen better days.

Mona & Lois, the second one was my favorite as well, just wish the sky had been a nice deep blue to set off the colors. This was a "grab" shot taken while we were on the hayride, so I was surprised to get anything at all.

Costas, you may be right in that folks moved to a better place, but I've always wondered how they could afford to just abandon a house. Of course, maybe no one in the family wanted it if the owner died. One never knows the history of these places, just all speculation.

Elaine, you and Costas may both be correct and I really do feel that as you said the owners died and other family memebrs did not want the farm so moved on and left it.

AC thanks and you are so right in that old houses, barns and the like are great subjects. And I was really lucky on the second shot as mentioned above it was taken while on a hay ride.

Out on the Prairie, sad that the owner tore down the house you had rented after you left; maybe he would be hard pressed to find someone as willing as you to rent/fix it. Your point about local coffee shops ands hardware stores being sources of information is a good one...if only we had a coffee shop in these parts!

Thanks Grammie G. we think alike on old houses and barns and tallking walls (if only they could). Seems like the second photos is the favorite here!

Christer, it would be interesting to see abandoned/empty homes in your area, maybe you will post a few photos one day? We moved here 5 years ago and I have more abandoned houses to feature in another post. It would take a lot of work for most of these places to be rented to anyone as they are too far gone now.

Good point, Possum, but seeing so many abandoned houses was something new to me. Maybe they just tore them down in NJ before anyone noticed?

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