Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Survived the TURNPIKE!!!!

We survived it. After crossing the Del Mem Bridge you have a choice of I 295 or “The Turnpike”. For just a small fee (called tolls) you can zip along through the heartland of Jersey, which on the southern end is sort of nice if you overlook the DuPont Chemical plant and numerous oil refineries. And what used to be a nice ride until you hit exit 9 is changing dramatically. For the better is still in question.  This is the only real north south route in the state, since the southern terminus of the GSP drops you into Del Bay. THat being said you probably realize that there is a large amount of trucks on the Turnpike. In the old days from exit 9 to 16 trucks and cars had separate roadways. 3 lanes for each, six lanes north and six lanes south making for a total of 12 lanes. What fun!!!!!!

Yesterday as we approached exit 7 we started to see construction. Cranes, dozers, digger things, dumper things and roller things. The widening had begun.

cranes NJ turnpike (2)

Today we wonder where Mandy ‘the GPS’ will lead us us.


possum said...

The most terrifying hour of my life was spent driving on the Jersey Turnpike. I swore I would never do it again, and I haven't... and that was back in the 70s. Whatever you do, don't let anything happen in NJ so that I have to come and get you... Ain't gonna happen. Got a knot in my stomach just looking at the pictures...
Be safe y'all!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I don´t think we have that wide roads anywhere over here :-) :-)

The only time I almost liked the oil refinery in Gothenburg was when it was pitch black during winter. With all the lights they have there it looked like an enormous christmas decoration :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Anvilcloud said...

Those kind of highways can be nerve wracking.

Lois Evensen said...


It is so good to be able to log in and see your blog. So, you've named your GPS? So have we. Ours is Mr. & Mrs. Guido (Italian for guide - so appropriate) since we get a combination of voices: he tells us the major turns, she tells us the names of the streets. It's so nice the Guidos are able to work and live together in the computer in our car.

As to the turnpikes, we avoid them. Our GPS constantly wants to take us on the Florida Turnpike, but after one trip there some time ago, we avoid it at all costs. Not only are there other much better highways, we are not constricted to the gas stations and restaurants chosen by the State of Florida while we pay the State of Florida for the pleasure of using their roadway.

We are looking forward to our next road trip North very soon to enjoy the Fall leaves.

Safe journeys!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Folks.... Thanks for all the nice thoughts on Turnpikes. Actually the expansion to 12 lanes is a good thing. This is also I95 so the North South traffic is extensive. Giving the trucks a seperate roadway is a GREAT thing.
Don't worry Possum your PA Turnpike is enough for you. For real thrills try US Rt. 22 from Somerville to Newark.
I agree with you Crister. Oil refineries are best seen at night. Not to worry Anvil. After 27 years of driving 65 miles each way to work on the Garden State PArkway my nerves are 'wrack-less' if there are any left.
Your so lucky Lois. Two folks to tell you where to go!!!!!! I only get that when i have my GPS on and Beatrice has her's on and she reads the directions to me.
Yesterday Mandy tried to send us over the George Washington Bridge and through the Bronx.... i short circuted that idea. Check Beatrice's post for our sights on our route to Rhode Island.

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