Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ellsworth and Beyond

This morning after reserving a room at Ramada we headed ‘down east’ towards Bah Harba, as the locals pronounce it. The first stop was Ellsworth which claims itself to be the Gateway to Down East.
This is where US Rt. 1 meets Maine Rt. 3. We opted to head into downtown and roam around. We found eclectic shops, a farmers market, an organic market, antiques, coffee shops and cafes, and a gourmet kitchen store. What more can one ask for.
P1020717P1020719 P1020721
And what is Maine without Maple Syrup (and you thought it was just in Vermont). P1020738
P1020726 P1020728
Very unique town logo on City Hall. We found that there was quite a bit more of Ellsworth back on Rt. 1 with some big box stores and an LL Bean Outlet, but the original downtown was much more interesting.P1020718 P1020733
The Grand Theatre is under renovation and we couldn’t get too close. The county courthouse quite massive. The Union River runs through town. This is a tidal river and we caught it on an outgoing tide.
P1020741 P1020747
We also found an interesting friend just spinning away.
P1020755 P1020757
She is almost like our Charlotte in size and being an orb weaver, BUT she is not the same species. In fact i am not sure what species this little lady is.
Off towards Bah Harba the sea fog was still rolling in at noon.
After some coffee and jelly crullers we headed on ‘down east’. Since i was driving Beatrice has all the great pics. We finally came to the Town of Winter Harbor which was beginning to get re-fogged in. Look hard and you can see the lobster boats in the harbor.
P1020779 As we continued getting lost we discovered the Winter Harbor Library. A unique building that had once been a chapel.
More adventures tomorrow hopefully in Bah Harba and Acadia.


Montanagirl said...

What a fun post! Love all the photos.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! I just posted this. Glad you liked it Mona. Beatrice will have more soon. It's only midnight here, whats another few hours?????

Lois Evensen said...

Oh, we love Bar Harbor, too! We were there via ship every week every season we sailed out of Boston and up into Canadian waters. We ALWAYS went ashore in Bar Harbor for a lobster lunch. Keep the pictures coming. ;)

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