Friday, September 3, 2010


Well folks, we made it. BUT there were some really tense moments here. At one point this morning the rain was pouring down at a phenomenal rate of 0.06” per hour. And when it was all over we had accumulated a whopping 0.20” of rain total. Our drainage ditch almost had a flow in it. And then there was the wind. WOW a few time today we sustained some wild gusts of up to 15 mph. Many many leaves were blown completely off of some trees.

Luckily our area was in a “Declared State of Emergency” so now we are awaiting the arrival of FEMA’s emergency response team to start raking up all those leaves. Luckily we won’t need any of the FEMA trailers, but then we haven’t checked out the bayside areas.

Sorry that we have no pictures of this mind numbing event but we never found anything worthy of pictures. On the bright side our garden spiderDSCF8118 Charlotte weathered the storm well. When i checked on her she was busy tending to the kids and to busy to talk. Tomorrow we will finish putting the yard back to normal. Wanna here an Eastern Shore Joke???????


1 comment:

Montanagirl said...

Great shot of Mrs. Spider, and glad you weathered the storm.

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