Sunday, September 26, 2010

Econo Lunch

So you’re on the road and begin getting the munchies. And you don’t want the run of the mill fast food like Mc Barfies or Burger Puke. BUT you don’t want to spend a fortune either. What’s a poor  hungry traveler to do???????

No Problem… Just head for that familiar blue and yellow building that’s IKEA. Of course that may be difficult for some of you since IKEA’s are a little spread out which is what makes them such a great place. An adventure and an great econo lunch all in one is definitely worth the trip.

We were lucky to have an IKEA on our route. Lunch for two was an easy choice, and that included dessert. Plus you get to roam around the store and maybe pick up on some do-dads with a European flair.
hot dogs-chips  yogurt
So lunch was 2 hot dogs, chips, a soda, and frozen yogurt each and all for just six bucks. Another hint is to get to IIKEA by 9:30 in the morning and get in on the Econo Breakfast. Bacon, eggs and home fries for a buck ninety nine. Life on the road can be great.


Anvilcloud said...

Done that! It's definitely a credible alternative.

Lois Evensen said...


Ah, yes, a Scandi meal at IKEA. The only problem with the items shown at your IKEA is that they aren't the typical Scandi food we have found at the IKEA near our home. You sure got good prices, though, and those hot dogs look yummy.

My Honey is sitting next to me. I told him I am writing about food and he immediately said he wants cabbage and lamb when we got home. Yes! That's Scandi comfort food.

Happy travels!


Anonymous said...

Yes Anvil, always a good choice, especially when the closest IKEA to us is a 5 hour ride and usually a weekend stay (it's just outside of Washington DC).
Lois, no hot dogs in Scandi????? I thought they were international foods.... If we are there for a longer time i usually have the meatballs and sauce. This was just a quick stop since we skipped the Dog House in Delaware the day before.

The Gingerbread House said...

Well, that's a good way to save. I like that choice better than the room :o) Ginny

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