Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to Plant Bulbs

Two months doesn’t last as long as it used to – or does it?

In mid-June, we went to a local  daylily farm, Sterrett Gardens. Some of the blooms we saw were posted in Field of Daylilies. While there, we ordered 10 plants – assorted yellows and purples. We were told to return for the bulbs in mid-August when the blooms were done.  The June post mentioned that we were going to ready a spot in the front yard – it was already there, but way to small and needed to be bigger for so many plants.
And, after all, two months from mid-June seemed like such a long time away. No problem in getting the area ready – right?

Not quite. Suddenly VERY HOT summer weather hit, the veggie garden was producing and – you got it – somehow that flower garden enlargement project got on the back burner.
THEN came August 1 and then August 15, and – right again – we got a call from Rikki Sterrett telling us the bulbs were ready – and could we could pick themjohndeere up ASAP.

YIKES! no prep work had been done yet. So, we picked up the bulbs last week and then waited until the cooler evening to start work – Yeah, only 85° then. Grenville got out the portable rototiller and within 5 minutes, it died – flooded carburetor. Time to get serious and use Grenville’s friend,  John Deere. There were lots of deep roots which the tractor pulled to the surface and we finished the job with cutters or yanking them out. Sorry,  but no photos of this process, cause we were working fast and furious to get the area done and the bulbs planted before the skeeters and gnats found us – they did.

By 8:30 pm or so, the job was done, including the brick border. There was a stack of bricks – leftovers from other projects. And, there were just enough whole ones for the whole border; broken ones were used to make a walkway to the birdbath.
garden3 0901 (2)  garden3 0901 (1) 
Grenville was aiming for a kidney-shaped design, but the design looks like the Jolly Green Giant might be missing a shoe from these angles. By next spring, we hope to show off the blooms. Here’s what was planted going by the name on the attached tag. We requested a selection that would be shade tolerant. Who thinks of these names?
  • Always Afternoon
  • Atlanta Full House
  • August Bright
  • Blonde is Beautiful
  • Blue Reflection
  • Catherine Neal
  • Lemon Lollypop
  • Rue Royal
  • Purple Smoke
  • Riptide
  • Killer (gift) – this one should be interesting!
Our two wildflower gardens in the back yard are still in bloom. This first one was planted last spring and is nearly done blooming. Grenville dug out an area and sprinkled assorted wildflower seeds. This is how it looked earlier this season. Soon we’ll be cutting it back and leaving the dead blooms for next season.wildflower gdn DSCF7146 DSCF7155 DSCF6969 DSCF7158 
Since that first effort went so well, we decided to try again. There were several packages of wildflower seeds, so we mixed all together (as before). A friend gave us 6 red begonias (thanks Possum) and we placed them in as well. The summer went on and the only thing growing was the WEEDS – until last week – when we had a PROFUSION of blooms. Of course, the weeds kept growing too. Can anyone spot a birdbath out there? How about begonias?
garden2 0901 (1)
 DSCF7639 Butterflies are swarming in this wildflower garden – photos soon.


Elaine said...

It is amazing how having bulbs or plants sitting there clamoring to get planted provides great incentive. Next spring that new daylily bed will really be gorgeous. Beautiful wildflower portraits!

possum said...

What? No Happy Happy? I thought you ordered a dozen or so of them. (for those of you not into daylilies - the current price of Happy Happy is $200 a bulb.)
Next year, the back yard circle would be nice for some Happy Happy bulbs - or some sun loving lilies.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, right you are because time had easily slipped away and this project was never as pressing as when we got the call (twice) to pick up the bulbs!

We passed on the Happy Happy ones, Possum, and there wasn't a gift one included - instead we got Killer - should be an ineteresting bloom. And we hope it doesn't live up to its name. Again, WHO thinks of these names?

Anvilcloud said...

Fortunately you seem to have both the equipment and raw materials to do such a quick job. It's actually cool here today, so maybe I'll get some garden work done as well. I'll have to see what the boss has planned. If not today, it's a long weekend, so it should get done. Sorry I've been slightly absent lately.

Montanagirl said...

Your garden looks fun and colorful. I've always like the wild flower look.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, it was quick out of need to get the bulbs planted and get done before total darkness and skeeter attacks. It will remain a work in progress. Thankfully cooler weather has arrived here as well. And no problem on the absence cause we all get busy with life and can't get to reading blogs all the time. Thanks for the drop-in visit today and enjoy your weekend!

Thanks Mona, we do minimal work on them once the blooms start and when they're done weill cut them down, use the cuttings as mulch, and see what returns next spring!

Lois Evensen said...

You certainly get a lot of work accomplished and reap the rewards of all of that gardening work. You've got me planning now for what I have to do when I get home. :)


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