Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Say WHAT to Commenting

TO fellow bloggers who left comments on the previous post about how they handle (or not) replying to comments on their blog posts.
Consensus was that if someone asks a question, most bloggers reply by email, if an email address is available. If not, an answer is posted in a reply comment.

This makes sense as most bloggers said they do NOT return to a post to reply to comments OR to read a reply to their comment. As several bloggers noted, thanks for compliments is redundant and time-consuming. ALL said that they enjoy getting and reading comments — everyone likes to be appreciated. One blogger said he likes to let readers know he appreciates them by saying so every now and then — good idea. Thanks, John.

TIME is what bloggers agree is in short supply not only when   posting on their blogs, but when trying to visit other blogs too. Time is NOT really on their side at those times. 

WHEW, Beatrice was glad to read that because she usually replied to just about every comment on one of her posts !

NOW, she plans to skip the reply comments and just answer questions or comment further in a direct email — unless comments can be handled in a separate post, like this one.

FINALLY, we were reminded that the # of followers (or friends) is not indicative of how folks many read a blog, regularly or not. Some folks we know have told us they enjoy our posts and chuckle when Grenville is tickled by his funny bones, which happens a lot.
Last one — THANKS for your views — glad you shared them with us.
Beatrice & Grenville


Anvilcloud said...

One thing that I really liked about WordPress when I was blogging over there was the requirement that people submit their email addresses when commenting. I could back to whom I chose when I chose. The Blogger way of commenting on comments is silly and frustrating.

Sandra said...

well now we have this settled and we still don't have enough TIME to do all this commenting. at one time bloggin had become so intense and a JOB that I had to step back and decide not to follow every one that follows me. the follower thing is, even if you have 200 followers you might only get 20 comments, which is fine with me. i know there are many who follow but don't comment. but i like the personal touch with a few over the non personal with many.. i dont even know where i was going with this now.

Montanagirl said...

I love blogging and getting/making comments, but yes very time consuming. I probably spend way too much in front of my computer. Really enjoy your blog. lol

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

I think all ways are good just as long we don't get tired of writing blogs :-)
It does take time, at least 1 hour to answer comments and to write the blog every day.

Have a great day!

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