Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day Feast

What a nice day this has been. Some of you may remember my penchant for smoked ribs. Sprinkled with the secret F&P Butt Rub, then slowly smoked for 6 hours till the meat literally falls off the bone.  Well that's that we had tonight. Along with some home made potato salad, and Princess tomato salad . 

BUT let me start at the beginning. The other day we had a few too many cucumbers (can you imagine that???) so i decided to try out a julienne duke and carrot salad. To make the juliennes i pulled out my hardly ever used Mandolin. For those of you who have never played with an all stainless steel french mandolin, you are missing a finger slicing experience. And the finger slices can be nice and thin, julienned, or even waffle cut.  BUT you can't beat it for nice uniformed cuts that really make a nice presentation (minus the blood of course.) 


The real danger comes when you go to wash it. I've started using a brush to avoid my fingers getting too near those very sharp edges (shiver just went through me).

OK, enough said about the Mandolin (and you thought there would be some nice Italian strumming in the background).

Since the Mandolin was out i decided to make the Potato salad in slices instead of the usual cubes. After a short boil, slice, dressing mix, and combine it was ready to chill.


To finish off, some boiled eggs and smoked Paprika.

Next it was rib time. Right after coffee this morning the ribs got washed and sprinkled with the "Secret F&P Butt Rub". Back into the fridge for a few hours and then into the smoker for 6 hours. I couldn't find my usual hickory chips so this time i used apple wood chips (only thing they had). 


And there they are, from start to finish. And that is just what we did,,,,, finish them. I would put up the recipe for the potato salad dressing but this was a new one that was a combination of a few and I'm still not satisfied with it yet. When i am, you'll get it. Why a new one????? Cause i've lost my old one in our de-cluttering maneuvers.

So that was Fathers Day here at the Frog & Penguinn. Oh did i mention that we also had blueberry pancakes and bacon this morning. Then i took a hammock ride, finished cleaning the barn, and read a little. All in all it has been a really nice day. I hope all of you had a nice day also. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL.



Ludwig Keck said...

It was a nice, pleasant day here in the South. Visited Phipps Plaza (classical music, expensive stores - well when you display a quarter million dollar Bentley ...) had a delightful dinner at my favorite restaurant, did a tour of the local Forum and picked up a few items at Trader Joe's. A relaxing and completely enjoyable day in ever way - then I saw your spread. It still looks mighty appetizing!
Hope you all had a great Father's Day!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Dont you know you are suppose to keep riding that hammock all day, its your day. No cooking or cleaning.
Your ribs look wonderful. Hubby had ribs too.
Sounds like your day was a good one minus the cleaning.

Daisy said...

Your feast looks very fitting for Father's Day! Sounds like a great day.

Doris said...

Happy Father's Day to you! Your day sounds wonderful (minus the cleaning part)....and quite yummy too =)

Montanagirl said...

That's a great looking feast! My whole family went to the diner in town a block away for Father's Day. My Dad is 90 now...

Sandra said...

great idea on the tater salad, now i can't type because i am having a hunger attack

Anvilcloud said...

I wonder how many fathers were grilling etc on Fathers Day.

HermitJim said...

Man, those ribs sure do look good! But so does the potato salad!

My stomach is growling big time thanks to those pictures!

Denise said...

What a great Father's Day, and oh yum, I wish I as over at your house for that delicious meal.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Dear Grenville, dinner was delicious and your special butt rub did the trick to rib perfection! Love you and thanks for cooking.

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