Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early F&P Thanksgiving

The taste results are in and the pecan pie was a voted a delicious success after Sunday dinner – an early Thanksgiving at The Frog & PenguINN. We’re taking another road trip and will be in Georgia on Thursday – more on that later. As for the pie, there were no leftovers on the dessert plates.
pecan pie cut1110 (1)pecan pie cut1110 (2)

 Thanksgiving is still  a few days away, but we celebrated with an early turkey day dinner at the F&P. We were grocery shopping last week and thought that turkey sandwiches would be a great take-along lunch for our road trip south. But the smallest turkey was 12 lbs. which was more than we needed for sandwiches, so we bought it and then invited several friends to join us for dinner – they were happy to oblige, and we were glad they could join us, and now we can make those turkey sandwiches.

turkey 1110 (3)Grenville handled the turkey cooking duty. Doesn’t that skin look tempting?  Yes, we sampled it too, unlike Ralphie Parker’s father in A Christmas Story . (Do yourself a favor and watch this classic film. The turkey scene alone is worth the viewing.)
turkey sliced 1110 (1)
My prep work was side dishes: stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed sweet potatoes spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, orange juice and golden raisins.

The table was decked out in fall colors. This photo was taken before everyone sat down.
turkey dinner 1110 (2)
Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for our many blessings. We are especially thankful for good friends and are also thankful for and appreciate everyone who reads and/or comments on our blog.
Thanks Everyone – enjoy the holiday !


Anvilcloud said...

Neither TG nor Christmas are complete for me until I've had my turkey sandwich -- which must have stuffing included/

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, that meal looks wonderful. Yes, we love "A Christmas Story," too. I remember one year on board one of the ships we watched it over and over and over and never got tired of it.

Have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing your pictures!!!! You WILL take pictures, right? ;)


Montanagirl said...

It looks and sounds delicious! Your table looks wonderful too.

edifice rex said...

You are correct about the turkey scene from the movie. I can watch those dogs just on that thing over and over again. And then Darrin McGavin chasing them out the back door and yelling, 'you s***a******s!! LMBO!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving...and thank you for your comment on my...rather I appreciated your honesty. Very much! See you after the Holiday. A Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies and one I have to watch every year. The Bumpus hounds...:) too funny!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oops..maybe you aren't the one that made the comment on my "post" matter. :) I loved my visit here.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, Lois, Mona, Annie, and Mona - Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Grenville and I hope that you and yours have a wonderful celebration no matter where and when you are spending the day.

AC, we know you have recently celebrated Canadian TG and we ususally skip the stuffing on our turkey sandwiches, but Grenville makes the best with mayo, salt and pepper.

Mona (Wsprsweetly) Yes, I did comment on your blog and found it honest and real - no holiday is as perfect as we hope it will be and families tend to disappoint more often than not. We're escaping to spend time with friends in GA.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, we love A Christmas Story - the turkey scene and so many others and it's a favorite holiday movie and we will be watching it this weekend on DVD - maybe over and over!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

That's another reason to cook a turkey, nothing like those sandwiches. Your sweet potato dish sounds yummy--I don't do those here becuase Jerry does not like them, so unless I have company, I forget about the sweet potatoes or yams. However I love to bake them and eat instead of baked potato, with butter, sinnamon, allspice and some sugar, yummy! Happy Thanksgiving. OUr turkey will be ready tomorrow.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Pat, Yes we both love sweet potatoes and enjoy them a lot during this season when they are most plentiful and the cost is less than at other times of the year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jerry!

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