Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bangor or Bust Part 2

Beatrice will be telling you a lot about Bangor so i will just say that Bangor is like many small cities that were by-passed by an interstate and then endured the development of a mall. Most of these cities have reinvented themselves, sometimes more than once. Bangor downtown has a Discovery Museum, a branch of the University of Maine, Coffee shops, antique malls, a wonderful library (which i go lost in), and it is walkable.
P1020679 P1020683
P1020681 P1020688
P1020690 P1020691
P1020695 P1020697
P1020708 P1020710
And then there is Bangor’s patron saint…. NO NOT Steven King… Paul Bunyan of course. More on that from Beatrice.

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