Sunday, April 21, 2013


Have you ever wondered about Zero????? Where it came from????  What it's family was like??? A nice little short word. Use it in Scrabble and you can wrack up some big points. The letter Z alone is worth 10 points. Drop that little beauty on a double or triple word score and watch your opponents grimace.
During WWII they called the Japanese fighter planes "Zero's" because of the big red O on the tail.
AND Zero helped remedy a mathematician's nightmare. Wikipedia says:
0 (zero; BrE: /ˈzɪərəʊ/ or AmE: /ˈziːroʊ/) is both a number[1] and the numerical digit used to represent that number in numerals. It fulfils a central role in mathematics as the additive identity of the integers, real numbers, and many other algebraic structures. As a digit, 0 is used as a placeholder in place value systems. In the English language, 0 may be called zero, nought or (US) naught (pron.: /ˈnɔːt/), nil, or — in contexts where at least one adjacent digit distinguishes it from the letter "O" — oh or o (pron.: /ˈoʊ/). Informal or slang terms for zero include zilch and zip.[2] Ought or aught (pron.: /ˈɔːt/) has also been used historically.[3]
I personally like the slang usage. Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nutting, Nil, Nul, Ungotts!!!!!!

As most of you know, yesterday was our big OPEN HOUSE. For the past 2 weeks we have been going around the house tweaking this and fussing over that. Repaint the dining room, touching up window trim, cleaning patio, treating the deck, weeding and mowing the yard. Poor Beatrice is still trying to get the grass stains off her knees and the weed straw out of her hair. I've decided to just enjoy the speckles of pale yellow paint (cool candle and lemon white) over my exposed body parts. Anyhow it will all come off as soon as the sunburn (from mowing) starts to peel.
BUT on the bright side, we accomplished a lot of spring chores that might have languished into the summer as we dawdled along. And really, the house is looking great. With luck we will soon be seeing a wonderful sight like this>>>>>>>>>>


Zero,,,, yes zero. That was the grand total of folks that came to our Open House... 
           No triple word score here!!!!!! Zilch, Zip, Zorch, Nada, Nil, None, Nul & Void!!!!!!
On the plus side (ah yes, always the Pollyanna) no one tracked dirt into the house, our agent got to catch up on overdue correspondence, and chat with other agents that also had no visitors. YES thats right, most of the open houses had NO VISITORS!!!!!

Beatrice was going to do this post, but all the tears have shorted out her wireless keyboard and i'm afraid to let her use a plug in one. 
"Shore folks frown on accidental mass power outages due to come here's usin' dem dang 'putter things. 'Putters should be kept on the golf course like the Good Lord intended......"
SOOOOO, our House Sale adventure continues. I like to keep the thought in mind that  
"It only takes one person, the right person, to like the house and buy it".


Sandra said...

sorry to hear about the open house. I sold real estate for 4 years in the early 90's and had open houses every single week end because sellers wanted me to. very few came and those that did never bought. i never got a sale or even a listing from an open house. i did not want to say that but since you got Nada Nil Nary a one i can say it. open houses do not sell houses. Nada Nil and Nary are my words of choice. hope someone comes by to kiss on your lawn soon

Lois Evensen said...

Oh, so sorry to hear no one showed up to see your lovely home. I do remember running around to do the last few things. But, it was more than just a few. 34 years ago when I sold the last home I lived in, I had three small kids. When the agent called to say someone wanted to see the house "in an hour" I did a magic run through of putting "stuff" in closets. Yes, I kept it in pretty good shape, but you can't keep 3 kids tied up in the basement while you show the house.

Seriously, I hope it goes much better for you soon. Real estate is a pretty good investment right now before the interest rates start to rise. And, when inflation comes, you could have a darned good investment in something you buy now.

All the Sunday best from Port Canaveral,

Daisy said...

I'm so sorry to hear you had no visitors to your open house. We've bought and sold several houses over the years, and it is a lot of work and a very frustrating process. I hope things work out in a good way for you soon.

Doris said...

I am so sorry! It happened for our son, too, where not one person came to an open house. We just heard back from the couple that wants to buy our home... The septic system at their house is worse than they thought it would be, so...we hope they will still be able to buy our house. Selling is so much harder then I thought it would be. Hope the right person will soon come along (for you and our son!)

A Quiet Corner said...

Stay positive like I told you yesterday...someONE will come, it will be their dream and'll be out!....:)JP

Elaine said...

Ah, too bad. But that right person is out there. It just takes patience, but that's a hard commodity to come by when you have made up your minds to move closer to those sweet little grandkids. You'd like it to happen before they're in college.....

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I absolutely HATE selling a house. I have done it twice in my life and both times were horrendous! Did I spell that right? You almost cannot live normally during that time. I hope it sells quickly for you so you can get back to normal.

Kay G. said...

Chin up, that one right person will come along, I can feel it!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Adding my thoughts to the sorries already here. I know this happened a lot in PA when we had to sell my late uncle's home. Our realtor said it was the way things were going. Ours was online listed and the realtor held several Nightengale open houses, early evening hours trying to entice the after work crowd, from 5-8:00PM. Hang in there!

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry about the zero. Is it mainly because you live in a less populated area?

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