Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Win (Some) & Lose (More)

That’s how it went with the lottery tickets we bought to celebrate our anniversary yesterday — most of the 21 rub-off tickets were losers, but we did have a few winners  —  total win was $4, just a tad short of the cost of 2 cups of java at Panera Bread.
We had fun scratching off and had winning hopes too. We’re not regular lottery tickets buyers, now we can see why, but we did buy a few Power Ball tickets last week — Guess you can tell that we didn’t win anything in that drawing.

THANKS for the ALL the anniversary well wishes These bouquets of F&P yard flowers are for YOU
IMG_2069 CollageDorothy & Pat appreciated all the comments received as did Beatrice & Grenville. Aside from buying the not so winning lottery tickets, we’ve delayed our celebration until this weekend and a road trip to ?
IMG_3099 Collage
Both these collages were created in Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery not my usual collage creation SW choice of Google Picasa.  Both programs were already installed on my desktop PC, and I decided to play with PG after a recent post by fellow blogger Ludwig, comparing the two photo editing programs.

BTW, check out Ludwig’s blogs (Café Ludwig and This ‘n That for a wealth of techniques and info). Lots of great tutorials about blogging with Live Writer (and other topics too)  can be found at Technogran’s Tittle Tattle blog. Blogs can be full of great info.butterfly collage

FYI, some of the photo features available in the PC blog software Live Writer are carried over from Photo Gallery; both programs are part of the Microsoft Windows Essentials suite.


Anonymous said...

To bad You didn't win more but that's usually the way it goes :-)

I like both the collages and both have their charm.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty collages!
Too bad about the slim winnings!
Have a very nice afternoon.

Sandra said...

i enlarged the b flies and it magnificent. love that one a lot. will let you know if/when i do the live writer.

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Congrats on that anniversary!! Who needs lottery winnings when you've got love!

One of the drawbacks to using and old version of iphoto is no collages. I've done it a few times with a roundabout way via picasa but it was a bear!

barbara l. hale said...

Wonderful color in this post!!!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Belated celebratory anniversary wishes to both of you. We do about the same with lottery tickets, but have not invested in any scratch offs in celebration as you did. I find that even when I do buy a powerball ticket I forget to check the #'s, but then Jerry will do so. When I get time (//when will it be) I will try the Picasa and other hints you mention. Right now it"s apple harvest from our tree that is so loaded, I am trying to beat the deer to the harvest.

A Quiet Corner said...

Happy Anniversary (late) and I must say YOU are such a techno wiz...I love it! Perhaps this winter when I have some time, I can learn some of these tricks!!!

P.S. Just HAD to tell you how hard I laughed when I got your voice-mail!!!! Hugs!!...:)JP

Daisy said...

The flowers are all so lovely! It's too bad you didn't have more winning tickets in the bunch, but at least you had fun playing.

OldBikeRider said...

You won with the flowers for sure. Happy Anniversary.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

I don't know how I lost your blog, but I did. If you knew how techy-challenged I am, you would understand! :) I saw your name on Debbie's blog and thought I recognized your name. Anyway, I will be putting you on my blogroll as soon as I leave here so I will know when you post!

Love your flowers and I'm so happy to have the links to the tutorials! Thanks for sharing those.

I'm a little late, but Congratulations on your anniversary. Hope your day was a beautiful one!

Island Rider said...

Pretty pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog. And for the invite. We will be around Washington, DC and then, up on the Skyline Drive. Perhaps next time. If you come to Florida let us know. January will be kind of crazy as it is the middle of our tourist season, but the weather is generally mild. The coast west of the Interstate is more authentic than the east coast, south Florida or Mouseland. Florida can be surprisingly pretty and scenic if you stay away from the urban areas and theme parks.

Elaine said...

Gorgeous collages! I've been using Picasa for collages too, but looks like I'll have to investigate Photo Gallery. Too much to do, too little time to do it!

Anvilcloud said...

There's nothing like doing some chants on a special day. :)

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