Monday, August 6, 2012

We All Scream

For ice cream OF COURSE !
And we did yesterday — can't you tell?
Haywards Ice Cream
Hayward's is a family owned ice cream business that has been producing homemade premium ice cream in Southern New Hampshire for over 70 years. Founders Charles and Fredericka Hayward opened the business in June 1940, and owned and managed it until 1964 when their daughter, Trudy and her (then) husband Mike Ordway took over management. In 1977, Mike and his wife, Linda, purchased Hayward's Ice Cream.

In 1996, Mike and Trudy's son, Chris, and his brother-in-law Frank Robinson purchased the business from Mike and Linda. Chris is the current owner of Hayward's Ice Cream of Nashua; Frank owns Hayward's of Milford.

The Nashua building has undergone changes through the years. In the early 1900s, it was a gas station. Then, in the early 1940s when sugar was scarce during World War II, ice cream stands only received enough sugar to open for 3 or 4 days at a time. When the sugar was gone, so was the ice cream.
Haywards originalIn 1942, the building was moved back to add more parking space. During the Christmas season, Hayward's sells trees, wreaths, roping, stands and holiday accessories, not ice cream.
hayward today
Related Trivia (somewhat) . . .

The sentence "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" is from a 1928 classic college song, Ice Cream, written by Billy Moll, Howard Johnson, Robert King. It was performed by (Fred) Waring's Pennsylvanians, one of RCA Victor records best-selling bands from 1923-1932.

Yes, Fred Waring was born in Pennsylvania; also attended Penn State University.  Yes he's the namesake of the Waring blender, the first modern electric blender. In the 1930s, its inventor, Frederick Jacob Osius, went to Waring seeking financial backing for his patented electric blender. Some $25,000 later, the Waring-owned Miracle Mixer was introduced at the Chicago Restaurant Show, retailing for $29.75. In 1938, the Miracle Mixer Corporation was renamed the Waring Corporation, and the mixer renamed the Waring Blendor (to distinguish it from blender).

No, songwriter and lyricist Howard Johnson (1887-1941) did not start the Howard Johnson restaurant and hotel chain; that was Howard Deering Johnson (1897-1972).

And, you thought this post was ONLY about ice cream.


Montanagirl said...

Great post. We LOVE our ice cream, but I shouldn't be eating it (Sugar reasons). Beatrice, did you see my August 4 post of the Buffalo in Sepia? That was just for you!!

Daisy said...

Yum! Ice cream! That is a good idea that they can use the building for other things during the off season. I enjoyed the trivia bits at the end of the post too. :)

Sandra said...

i have heard the I scream for ice cream my whole life, but not where it came from. and i do love ice cream, just about any flavor will do. hubby loves Breyers Peach and he puts peanut butter on it which is gaggy to me. this looks like a place i would love to visit. of course i would

Anonymous said...

Even I have heard that song :-)

Never heard of this brand but that's not strange :-) Most ice cream makers here were bought by bigger corporations but now days new ones are started :-) We do have a few old ones left though and they make wonderful ice cream :-)

Have a great day!

Ludwig Keck said...

I don't mind at all having a learning experience along with some delicious ice cream. But since I can't taste the ice cream, I just enjoyed the trivia, you pulled me in!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and I would love an ice cream NOW! I've been hungry for chocolate mint ice cream!

barbara l. hale said...

That looks like the excuse for a road trip to me. Cool info in this post!

A Quiet Corner said...

For some reason, we ate ice cream more this summer than in the past but now I just don't buy it! ...:)JP

Elaine said...

Nice to see a family business that's lasted so long. Well, it's ice cream, so that explains it!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh yes, ice cream is a must in our freezer. Wonderful post. It's great that the building can be used in off seasons for something else!

Denise said...

We love ice-cream in this family. This is a brand we would love to try one day. Right now our favorite ice-cream place is either Milwaukee Custard or Dairy Queen, for their peanut butter cup blizzards for me. We're always trying different brands at home but not too often as it's like feeding horses with oats!!!! Great post with lots of interesting trivia.

Butterbean Row said...

What a cool post! It is so nice to learn a bit of history from around the country.
Now I want some ICE CREAM!

Have a good week!


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