Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene @ 7PM

Well, we’re still waiting for the worst of Irene to reach us. Should be about 9PM. Latest from Nat Hurricane Center is 80 mph sustained winds with higher gusts. Heavy rain. She should be past us by 2AM moving at 16MPH.

For Lois, DC area will probably get worse around 11PM. Richmond Va. has gotten pounded all afternoon with major power outages.

I am amazed that we still have power and internet. I wish i had more pictures but there has been little or no change here all afternoon. We got tired of the local radio and have switched to our favorite Saturday evening show Prairie Home Companion.

Latest rescue operations: we have successfully saved two bags of tortilla chips, one sweet potato and one olive, from that terrible fate of going stale.

For GBS: we too are nervous. our neighbors 100 year old pecan tree hangs dangerously close to our barn.

Happier than a pig…. Welcome to the F&P, where butter is a food group.

Grace; we will save a bowl of soup for you . May even deliver some in October!!!!!

To everyone else, thanks for the good thoughts, they could be increasing our good karma which has been known to turn tropical storms, sometimes!!!!



Montanagirl said...

We're just watching the weather on Fox News. Be safe!

Lois Evensen said...

We're watching it on Fox News, too.

So far, only lots of rain in N. VA near DC at son's home.

Ice cream sounds wonderful. It's almost enough to make you forget its raining outside!

Don't unplug your hub said...

Thinking of you. Keep safe.

OldBikeRider said...

Ann and I just ate ice Cream in solidarity with you guys, but our banana is too green to eat today. We are holding out for tomorrow night.

Anvilcloud said...

This is sure taking its time going thru. We used to get the rare tornado where we used to live, but they were really quick.

Diana said...

you are lucky. we've lost power two times. but it's on now and boy are we thankful. The wind is picking up. I had a female hummer spend the day in my porch on a feeder. it was so cute. When the wind abated, 5-6 hummingbirds came. Good luck, and God bless, by the way we live in the forest.. all the trees are bending!! love,Diana

grammie g said...

Grenville..hey thanks for saving a bowl of that soup for me...but could you freeze that up for me ...October..hmmm might be a bit moldy by then!! lol
Going on 8:45 hope all is well...I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayer!!

grammie g said...

Wanted to say thanks for the updates!! : }

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