Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene @3PM

Well it’s looking like coffee time here. The Hurricane Butternut Soup was delicious, had a nice nap… Life is just OK here on the loverly Eastern Shore…

Storm stuff>>> Getting more intense. Gusts up to 35mph from the North. 3” of rain so far and at points the rain is coming at IMG_05393” per hour. That is a lot of water.Most folks here (with sense) are hunkered down waiting out tomorrow morning. Its a little hard to see but a few of our feathered friends are hanging out with us on the lee side of the house. Lots of power outages around us. Amazingly we are still up and running. County emergency radio is pretty quiet considering the storm. Hopefully this shows that folks heeded the warnings and took the needed precautions. Even though we live in IMG_0538 the ‘Highlands’, the storm water has to go somewhere. The choice is either the seaside or the bayside. With tides running 4-5 ft above normal that leaves NO WHERE for the water to go. A little hard to see but that is standing water at the far end of the street.

Latest prediction is that the worst of the storm will be here between 7-8 PM and be past us around 4 AM. Gonna be a long sleepless night. More later,,, time for coffee.

YES Lois and Mona, good food no mater what. “Damn the storms, lets eat dinner”.



Lois Evensen said...

:) I'm still checking in with you. Thanks for the updates. Our #1 Son is in DC so it's probably pretty bad there, too.

I am watching the storm on Fox News now and it appears to be right over you. :\

Enjoy that coffee and I'll say it again: Stay Safe!!

Denise said...

I'm checking in too. Good to hear your updates. Take good care of yourselves out there.

grammie g said...

Hi Folks....hope all is has been a couple of hour since your post ..I just seeing this..

Would love to have dropped by for some of the delicious looking soup on of my favorites....but the wind is blowing in the wrong direction!! lol..
Now if I was going north I would be all set.
Be safe and I will be looking for your next update!!

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