Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boston Baffles

Sometimes i get baffled by the strangest things. I'm sure you do too. Yesterday we were in downtown Boston, the home of many great institutions of higher learning. Some engineering, some law, some general studies, and some art. When they tore down the elevated highway through downtown and buried it, the city had all this open land. Today it is a wonderful greenway that runs right through the heart of downtown Boston with parks, ponds, and water playgrounds. When you mix parks with art schools the result is almost always 'pondering places'. And in these 'pondering places' are 'objects d' art' to ponder upon, or sit upon and ponder. I found this one Baffling….. I thing she did too.
IMG 1605
IMG 1610

Another ponderable point (is that even a word????) was this new definition of 'Sea Legs'.
IMG 1617

IMG 1618

While Beatrice was looking up at the reflections and buildings, i was checking what was under my feet. Some of you might remember the 'under your feet' posts from Maine. Well Boston was just as good.
Round col

Square col

I'm not sure what some of them are for but just imagine how much stuff is running under your feet there….. and that doesn't count the subways. The Gas Test baffled me the most. Is there some sort of insert that goes there, or do you have to sit on the sidewalk for the test???? A stinky situation at best.
Speaking of subways, we were Benedict Arnold's (a revolutionary thing) on this trip. Our choices to get from Nashua to Boston were train (15 minutes drive/$5 for parking/ $22.50 round trip/ hard seats/ NO Wi-Fi) or by bus (3 minute ride/ free parking/$22 round trip/ comfy seats/ FREE Wi-Fi). You guessed it, being cheap geeks we took the bus. The nice part was that the bus station is right next to South Train Station.
IMG 1627

Not the most imposing station but unique that it is built in an arc with the trains coming into the concave side and dead ending. This one was waiting to back out.
So these were my Boston Baffles

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