Friday, June 26, 2020

Nashua This 'n That

There's been a lot re-openings here in Nashua, NH, in recent weeks and some things that are cancelled, not postponed, this year. The not happening list includes fireworks and the downtown July 4 parade.

Some venues have resumed business, but not quite as usual. Restaurants were first open for takeout, then outside dining and now indoor dining with restrictions on seating capacity, social distancing. Weather permitting, we prefer outside dining, but only weekly. The public library remains closed but offering services, the downtown farmers market reopened last weekend, and kayaking has become a popular activity on the river.

Unfortunately for myself and many city residents, the Nashua Public Library remains closed for inside use. However, starting a couple of weeks ago, the NPL started offering a new service, like grocery stores, Curbside Pickup

Here's how it works: library users order materials by placing holds in the library’s online catalog or by calling the library directly. Although its closed, librarians are working inside the building.

Once materials are ready for pickup, an email, text or phone call notification is sent. Pick-ups are done by parking in a specially designated spot, then calling the library's number. A library staff member, masked and gloved, delivers the requested materials. Since we live so close to the library, I walk and call from outside the front of the library.

According to an email sent to users, an average of 80 people daily have been using the service. Pick-up hours run Mon. to Thurs. from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and half day on Sat. Unfortunately, there’s no heads-up on as to when the library building will re-open. 

This past Sunday was opening day for the Nashua Farmers’ Market which has been relocated to the area around City Hall. In the past few years, the Sunday only market had taken place on Main St but that roadway has become narrower with the Jersey barriers in place to allow expanded outdoor dining for the nearly dozen eateries along the route. 

We walked downtown to  check out opening day activities. But it’s early in the season, and few vendors were selling local produce or fruit. In future weeks, the market is expected to expand with vendors offering baked goods, art and photography, locally produced wines, honey, homemade pasta, soaps, spices, herbs and other items.

Unlike in previous years when buyers could casually walk along either side of the roadway to check everything out, social distancing measures are in place to accommodate as many vendors as possible. Mask wearing is required for vendors and buyers and there’s a one-way flow of foot traffic. 
Masks have definitely become a must-have clothing accessory. We're required to wear them inside common areas of the mill apts (mailroom, hallways, package room). I recently bought some from a locally-based company based. I’m hopeless at attempting home-made versions, other than our bandana masks worn during the cooler months — too hot for those now. 

After finding a local firm selling reusable masks, just call me all kinds of happy. The American Quilt Co. is a fabric product manufacturer and its product line includes unisex cloth face masks for adults and children made of two layers of cotton/cotton blends with a wrap-around elastic. Masks are washable, reusable and reversible. The company operates in Nashua from a former factory building less than 10 minutes from the mill apts. 

I called the website listed 800 number and actually spoke to someone to place my order, so nice in times of anonymous online ordering. The photo ↓ shows the ones that arrived in 2 days — in time for July 4th. Since local celebrations have been cancelled, I'll wear a holiday display.
The company offers single masks or multi-packs with a random assortment of colors and styles and advertises that all are USA-made with Free USPS shipping. You indicate male/female preference and/or solid colors or prints. I'm not sure if all items are made locally, but will ask if I re-order any. You can check them out online at the website.

Kayaking has become very popular sport on the Nashua River, both on weekdays and especially on weekends. There’s a launch site put in as part of work on the walkway along the Nashua River’s north bank. But it's not a boat ramp for trailers or motorboats. It consists of a half-dozen wide, concrete steps that connect the paved Riverwalk with the Nashua River (shown in the first collage image). This lets folks carry canoes or kayaks and put them in the water without slipping and sliding on a muddy bank.
The launch site's drawback is a lack of parking. Two sizable parking lots are nearby but are both privately owned. Neither is open to the general public even on weekends; the closer lot has even been blocked off from access by concrete barriers. On recent weekends, a local kayak rental company (top photo ↑) has been bringing about half a dozen kayaks in on a trailer and folks can just rent one onsite — rates are $35 for 90 minutes.

It will soon be Play Ball when the Silver Knights, a collegiate summer baseball team based in Nashua, NH, hosts the North Shore Navigators in their delayed home season opener on July 2. The Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) is a wood-bat league that normally includes seven teams from NH to western CT, but one team has opted out this season.  

The Silver Knights play in Holman Stadium, which once hosted professional baseball teams. The team has won the FCBL Championship in four of the league's nine years of existence and have qualified for the post-season every year. 

The walkways are blooming here thanks to the city's Public Works department which recently planted assorted flowers in planters citywide.
Another floral garden is located near the mill apts and has many new blooms too. This area is planted, weeded and watered by two neighbors who told us they missed a home garden.
The most exciting personal update is that we've went for summer haircuts this week. Hair salons and barbershops have reopened with mask wearing requirements in place. 
Enjoy Your Weekend, Everyone
We're going to the White Mountains (NH) for ham radio field day


Connie said...

Your photos are lovely. You live in such a beautiful area. It would be fun to sit and watch the kayaks go by.

Doris said...

Things are opening around here too, with restrictions just as in your area. Ellen and I got haircuts too, yay! Feels so good. The flowers are so beautiful and watching the kayaks must be so relaxing. Enjoy your weekend!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a lovely place and surroundings you have around you. Love your masks you are both wearing! Things have started opening in the neighboring towns......still only partially. However, they are saying that there is a rise in the virus because of this. Not sure what will happen with this new situation. Stay safe dear friend!

Marcia said...

All the warm weather and sun up there has made the flower grow gangbusters! One thing that worries me about dining is meeting up with friends you can't maintain the social distancing or wear masks if eating. If we dine out once we get to Lebanon it will be just the two of us.
Enjoy the White Mountains!

Ron said...

GREAT selection of photographs! I really like your collages. I know I've shared this before, but Nashua is such a charming-looking town.

Same here, things like July 4th parade and fireworks are cancelled. Our restaurants too are now offering outside seating. You're right, weekdays are much more enjoyable than weekends because of the crowds. I don't know if you remember the Reading Terminal Market in Philly, but that is now open. Although, I can't imagine though how they're doing it because it's enclosed and very tightly laid out. And at lunch time, it's a busy and packed with people. It's like a zoo.

I just purchased some masks that I got at Target. They came 2 in a pack and are washable. And I thought the price was great...$4.00 for TWO.

You flowers photos are so pretty. I'm getting ready to post about all the beautiful the summer flowers here as well.

Have a superb weekend, my friend!

Edna B said...

I'm a bit leary of things opening, but sooner or later things have to get back to normal. Although normal is looking odd these days. I'm waiting for our local farmers market to open. I love fresh veggies from the garden. Your photos are wonderful. I don't get around much anymore, so I really do appreciate seeing photos. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Our local famers market has reopened, but I haven't visited yet to see exactly how they are handling traffic flow and the interaction between vendors and customers. If everything works well I will look forward to buying produce fresh from the farm there. Even in normal times I always made sure to arrive early, before the crowds, so I will continue to do that, and I should be in and out quickly - perhaps with a basket of fresh peaches to drip down my chin! Restaurants here have patio service open and I believe that modified inside seating is now available, but since we rarely eat out, it is not a big factor for us. I much prefer to go to the aforementioned farmers market, buy good fresh produce and cook it myself. Good friends of ours, anxious to get out I suppose, recently ate lunch on one of the recently opened patios, and tried a new (to them) restaurant. They said the quality was mediocre at best, and they were forty bucks poorer when they left. Think I will stick with my own cooking!

Sandra said...

I like the picture at the end and the mask look like they're perfect for what you need. The Kayaks are a perfect way to get exercise and do social distancing with no problem. We're about the same everything is the library is the same as yours and they canceled all the things that for the 4th of July

David said...

Beatrice, We've been dining out a bit...but with one exception, only in restaurants where the staff wears masks and customers are spaced out. We only dine out with friends or family that are as socially responsible as we try to be. As for our library, its still closed but we generally don't use it anyway. We own a lot of books! Some farmer's markets are open around here but to stay safer we go out to our local Mennonite Markets...easier to space and masks required. Suprisingly enough, new home building here is still booming! Must be for older folks who find themselves out of work but who heve enough money to just retire. As for boating, we are the small boat building center of the eastern USA...and they can't hire eoungh people to keep up with the demand! Boating provides a safe diversion for folks who are bored and stuck at home... Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Jon said...

It's a shame that your Forth of July parade and fireworks have been cancelled - and very ironic that the "protesters" in other parts of the country have been allowed to shoot off fireworks (and guns) every night recently.

I love the fabric for your patriotic masks and have no doubt you'll be wearing them proudly on the 4th.
It's encouraging that things are starting to reopen in Nashua - and the local farmer's markets sounds great.

I like the beautiful flower photos!

Jon said...

I meant to say FOURTH of July!

Emma Springfield said...

Are you two drinking a youth serum there. You both look like you're getting younger.

Tara said...

So beautiful where you live. Our fireworks all over the state have been cancelled too. Draws crowds, don't you know?

I would love to ride a kayak down your river -- looks wonderful and I love to float on the water at my leisure, paddling along. That rental company is smart!

Laurel Wood said...

I enjoyed your photos so much. The flowers are so colorful and I'm sure they brighten your day as you walk past them. I also love your masks and how nice to get haircuts. We have one or two restaurants that we feel safe dining in. I'm glad you can get books from the library now. Just watching the kayaks would be a lot of joy for me. I wish you both a great weekend.

Rita said...

Nice you got a few masks and some very 4th festive.
The flowers look great! :)

DUTA said...

Your town looks lovely, both in your pictures and in your descriptions!

I still lack the courage to go to the chiropodist, and rely on my own work.These places,like the hairdresser's shops cannot be expected to be totally sterile.

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I’m glad to hear things are slowly opening up in your area. It sounds like most people are following social distancing and wearing masks.

The opposite is happening here. The number of new COVID-19 cases passed 9000, the highest per day so far. And the state closed bars.
I still see people at stores without masks.

Stay safe, Beatrice.

My name is Erika. said...

Glad you got out for a nice bit of wine and sunshine. It is scary that some places have so many cases, but I think for the most part things are reopening at a good pace. We all need some normalcy in our lives, don't we? And I love your patriotic masks. Those a great. And they arrived so quickly. I should get my daughter to make us some as all of ours have a Christmas feel as that is what she has for fabric. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Hugs-Erika

Anvilcloud said...

Your region seems similar to ours, but we don't have indoor dining yet, and there are no sports events going on.

CrystalChick said...

Good morning. Our fireworks were cancelled as well. Neighbors on our street asked the town for a permit for a block party and it was approved, although that really just means the kids here (about 6 or so) can run and ride their bikes without cars driving past. I don't believe it will be a big party... just a handful of families sitting out (as they had all been doing anyway) and maybe some offerings of food. We know many of the people on the block and might distance visit with a few of them briefly, but we usually prefer to keep to our backyard.
Ron would love to take one of his kayaks to the Batsto area and enjoy a half day trip on the river. He just hasn't had the chance to go yet.
I'm glad you're enjoying the library curbside service and the market. Lovely blooms!! Thanks for sharing all the nice photos. ~Mary

Rain said...

Hi Beatrice :)) I love the celebratory masks you ordered! I actually wondered if Canada Day celebrations would be canceled here or not, but then we are so rural we likely wouldn't have attended anyway. I'm hoping to find a farmer's market here in the next week, with my mask at the ready, though New Brunswick has been pretty safe lately, you just never know. Congratulations on the hair cuts!!! :) Small pleasures huh? Seeing those kayaking photos reminds me of when I was an avid kayaker, that's one thing I want to start doing again, but maybe next summer! :)

bill burke said...

Kayaking on the river would be fun to do and watch.

Re Your question about the posts, the posts around the trees is for support. the trees are newly planted.

priscilla said...

So nice to find your blog! My sister in law lives in Nashua. Nice to see the other part of the town. I'm an old Yankee living in San to visit NH lots though!

Jeanie said...

What a fun post today! I'm loving your very stylish masks! Thanks for the link. I'm set for NOW but this will go on a very long time and I'm looking to build up a collection. Our fireworks on the lake are happening but not sure about anything else. I hope not. Michigan is having a surge. Seems like much more is open in your world.

Silver in AZ said...

when I saw 'this or that', I thought of the fun old message board game. Example:

pizza or tacos?