Tuesday, March 26, 2019

It's Not Just for Drinks

Look at what's quickly become my newest and favorite cleaning agent. 

Don't look for it in the household products section. Instead, go to the nearest liquor store and. once there, buy the least expensive bottle of vodka available — in this case, cheaper is a very good thing and a sale is even better.

Once home, put the vodka into a spray bottle straight up (undiluted) and get ready for some amazing uses. No worries about your home smelling like alcohol since vodka is odor-less and it won't leave any surface residue.

My like affair of vodka began after I read a recent article about its cleaning effectiveness, especially in cutting grease. So, I had to learn MORE.

That's because this black enamel top stove in our apartment has been so difficult to keep clean from cooking splatters. We really liked cooking meals that went in the oven not on the stovetop (to avoid cleanup). Soap and water, then cleaners and paper towels left streaks. The solution was to clean it as best as possible, then turn off the kitchen light. 

This photo was taken last night after cleanup using a vodka spray — no streaks!

I was going to make a vodka martini to celebrate, but opted to share some (there are even more online) of its other uses with fellow bloggers. It's nice to know vodka is useful that way too (unlike household chemicals).

Who knew?
Obviously, not me, but now I do and so will you, after reading this post. 

Around the House/Yard . . .

Clean glass/windows. Use vodka and a good sponge to clean glass mirrors, windows and porcelain. Also works on faucets.

Kill mold. Avoid chemical sprays if your bathroom grouting has mildew. Spray vodka, let soak for 15 minutes, scrub off thoroughly and rinse. 

Remove red wine, ink, food stains. Use a vodka-soaked cloth to dab the area. After a few minutes, lightly dab with a dry towel to lift the stain.

Remove sticky label adhesive. Rub a vodka-soaked cloth over the area. The same method cuts grease and works on stovetops and it does work.

Clean jewelry.  Soak in vodka a few minutes, then rinse with water; safe for diamonds and other gemstones.

Remove rust. Soak small rusted items in a glass of vodka for a few hours, then scrub clean afterwards. The rust should easily come off. 

Remove odors. Spray clothes with undiluted vodka, then hang out to dry. Vodka kills bacteria-causing odors on clothes, furniture and in closets.

Prevent razor rust. Soak a razor in a cup of vodka after shaving. It prevents rusting and also disinfects it.

Keep cut flowers longer. Add a teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to a vase of water to keep flowers fresh.

Kill weeds. Mix water, vodka and few drops of dishwashing liquid to make a weed killer. Spray liberally onto the weeds.

Health and Other Uses . . .

Organic Facts website
Eliminate frizzy hair. Mix a shot of vodka with shampoo and conditioner to leave hair looking shinier.

Freshen breath. Add a few drops of pure cinnamon, spearmint, or tea tree oil to a small amount of vodka. leave it to infuse for 14 days. If the mixture is too strong, cut down the alcohol level with water; swish and don’t swallow.

Dry clogged ears. If water is in your ears, put in a few drops of vodka to dry them out. (tender or sore, avoid this remedy.)

Relieve toothache/mouth pain. Swish vodka in your mouth as it's a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria and can also help to numb the area. (See your dentist ASAP.)

Heal cold sores. Apply vodka on a cotton swab and dab the sore. It will dry up and close.

Use as an ice pack. Relieve tense or sore muscles after a gym session or running by putting equal parts vodka and water into a zip-top bag and freezing. Vodka prevents the mixture from freezing, making it slushy and moldable.

Relieve tension. You may have heard that red wine is a natural relaxer, but vodka has been proven in a study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (no less) to relieve tension better.

It's heart-healthy? Vodka can increase blood-flow and circulation which can prevent clots, strokes, and other heart diseases. Reportedly, it can lower cholesterol and is generally considered a less-caloric alcohol. (No medical claims just gathered info.)

Relieve poison ivy itch. Pour vodka directly on affected skin; the alcohol rinses away the chemical (urushiol oil) from the plant leaves.

Relieve jellyfish stings. Dab vodka on affected area to disinfect and relieve stinging. 

Stop foot odor. Mix vodka and water for a quick soak to have your feet smell better. Freshen up shoes with a spritz of vodka.

Repel insects. Put in a bottle and spray to deter mosquitoes or other insects; kills bees and wasps too. 

In the Kitchen . . .

Bake a lighter pie crust. Water and flour create gluten, which can toughen when baking. Replacing a third of the water in a recipe with vodka, which has less water, creates less gluten producing a flakier crust.

Shine cutlery. Soak pieces in vodka for 5 minutes, rinse with water then dry.

Clean Counter Tops. Spray and wipe with paper towels instead of using vinegar (counter tops won't smell like you're making a salad).

Finally, vodka is a really good excuse for a martini (if one is needed after all that work). Here's why — unlike beer or wine, a shot of vodka is reported to reduce blood sugar levels. (Again, who knew?)

Na Zdorovie or, if you prefer, its English mispronunciation, Nostrovia — CHEERS !


Anvilcloud said...

I am not sure if I've ever had or used vodka in any way.

Annsterw said...

WOW! Who knew?!?!?! Annster's Domain

DUTA said...

I believe you and will try it myself. My favorite cleaning agent at present is vinegar, the cheapest type on the shelf. It's amazing, and seems odorless as well. No need to waste money on fancy cleaners at the supermarket.

MadSnapper said...

I am thinking most of this could be done with a cheap bottle or rubbing alcohol. it cleans really well, but do NOT put it in your food HA HA.. glad you found a way to clean the stove. it looks great. I use vinegar and a drop of dawn for cleaning glass and other things.

Michelle said...

I use a spray bottle of peroxide with Dawn to clean most things. Have never heard of using vodka!

William Kendall said...

That's the first I've heard of that idea.

mamasmercantile said...

Who knew? Impressive use of vodka.

My name is Erika. said...

I knew about it’s disonfectant properties as it is alcohol. But who knew it could do so much else? Wow. I need to try it on some stainless steel I have in my kitchen. Happy Wednesday hugs Erika

bill said...

That's a lot of uses that I bever knew about vodka. Very interesting!

Connie said...

I never knew vodka could be used in so many ways! Thanks for sharing these tips.

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

Very interesting. I never knew about any of these uses.

I wonder if I can use vodka on lubber grasshoppers. I'm going to try. Either I'll kill them, or I'll have a whole bunch of drunk grasshoppers. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Well....I never! That is amazing! I've never heard anything like this but it's good info. And you can take a little nip while you're cleaning and be a cheerful cleaner! hahaha! Hugs!

baili said...

Wow that is really interesting and useful piece of writing dear Dorothy !

I am amazed to read about the other important use of this drink

your cooking area shines as new one :)

i need such effective thing for cleaning for sure

Valerie said...

This is a valuable hint, one which I must follow up. It's use as a window cleaner seems to outweigh the products specifically made for window cleaning. I get fed up with seeing smears on the windows.

NCmountainwoman said...

Who knew? I've never heard of cleaning with vodka but it's worth a try. I have black granite counters and ceramic stove burners and I'm always looking for good no-residue, non-streaking cleaners.

L. D. said...

There is a lot of good info in this posting.