Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It Was the Fairies!!!!!

I've been hearing (reading) some scandalous rumors that I had some hand in the Great Moving Wine Glass Caper..... Well, i'm here to debunk these baseless misstatements.

Now, some of you who have been faithful followers (you know who you are.... so give yourself a pat on the back) know about the Fairy Problem we have here. It all started with the Card Fairies that plagued us back in New Jersey. Multiple cards showed up all over the house. Most all had instructions on them. Card Fairies have been known to have control issues, but these were over the top sometimes. We thought we had escaped them by coming here to the Eastern Shore..... To our surprise and amazement they were here too!!!!!! BUT IT GETS WORSE.... here they have cousins. Lots of them. All over the place. And they all know each other and share information (also called rumors, second hand information or scurrilous gossip here.) This means that there is 'No Hiding Place'.
Not only do we have Card Fairies to contend with,

we also have the Glass Fairies, and their cousins, the Stuff Fairies. By far the Stuff Fairies are the worst. They come for the weekend, wreak havoc with the rest of the Fairies, and then leave all of their STUFF behind when they depart (if they depart. Sometimes they stay for weeks and weeks. Collecting more Stuff to leave behind).
I'm starting to worry about what might happen this Thursday.... Hearts Day.... (A One Day Romantic Adventure for all but the most incurable, terminal romantics that go through this trauma every day.) 

We could be inundated with Fairies, and cards, and moving glasses, and stuff, all covered with Fairy Dust..... I wonder if i could hire that guy in the diaper with the bow and arrow for protections?????? For those of you who might be out there saying, "No problem, just lock the doors and windows" its not that easy. In fact we have found that it is easier to keep ants out of a sugar factory. There is just no way to keep Fairies out. Of course the Dish Fairies and House Cleaning Fairies would be more than welcome. If you see them, will you send them our way?????

More on this later. Have to go caulk some cracks and sweep up the Fairy Dust.


Daisy said...

Hmmm,fairies, huh? I thought maybe it was the gremlins, but I guess it could have been the fairies. :D

Anonymous said...

I have distant relatives to them over here too, the coffee mug fairies. They place my coffe mugs all over the garden and sometimes I don't find them until winter comes and they freeze to the ground :-)

Have a great day!

Charlotte Wilson said...

I think I have some of the stuff fairies around here too.

Cicero Sings said...

Acccchh, those fairies, such rascals they are! I'm sure they are laughing up their sleeves.

Elaine said...

With all those fairies roaming about, perhaps on Thursday you should just pull the covers over your head and hide out all day!

I too have items that appear in strange places at my house, but then I have an almost 4-year-old granddaughter that has very definite ideas about where certain things should reside, and then of course there are the games she plays that only she understands. Wait! That may sound familiar to Beatrice......

DeniseinVA said...

We have those fairies at our house too. I wish they would behave themselves.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh my! Speaking of Fairies, I have NOT seen those housekeeping Fairies. They have not darkened our door for..I don't even wanna say! Did I tell you the "Dish Fairies" stole..yes, stole my dishwasher. It had to have taken a slew of them to do that..but..I haven't one. :(

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