Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drop back 5 and punt!!!!!!

Is that allowed???? It’s Sunday. The Giants just tromped the Falcons. Playoffs are in the air…. So the above question seems appropriate.

Most of you know we are in New Hampshire this week. A true hot bed of political pontification. Having never been this close to the National primaries, some questions have festered up in my mind. Fester being the best description I can think of due to the political poor sportsmanship that we are seeing. Luckily our Internet connection is good so we are spared the most of the mind numbing political ads. What a waste of good television advertising time. I heard that some of these political postings have even preempted the hawking of fat saturated imitation meat, instant weight loss plans, and of all things, high fructose ladened by-products. I ask you, how will we maintain our national obesity standards if the general public is not continuously inundated, indoctrinated, and hogwashed. BUT I digress!!!!

There are so many election signs along the roadside, you can hardly see the real signs. Its hard to spot the ‘Golden Arches’ to avoid them. I figure the local folks are use to this every fourth year onslaught of roadside electioneering but I find it a little ridiculous. I used to think that counting the number of candidate signs in an area would give you a fair idea of their electability. I have altered that thought. Now, the more signs, the less likely I will vote for that person. BUT that’s just me. Obviously they think we are so stupid that we may forget their name unless it is placed in front of us continuously.

Last night the candidate wanna-bes were in Manchester (up the road and out of sight for the moment) to debate. They really didn’t debate in the truest sense of the word. For the most part they slandered each other as much as possible. Now what really amazes me is no matter who eventually becomes the candidate, they seem to think that the voters will completely forget what has been said here, both by and about the them.

And then there are the pundits…… they are all over the place. TV, radio, internet, newspapers (remember those relics?????). All predicting winners, losers, who’s more conservative. AND each one different depending who is pontificating at the moment. Spinning their ‘political web of mental fog’ for who ever is putting silver in their pockets. Could that be considered ‘political prostitution’?????

SOOOOO the question that is oozzzing out of me tonight….

Is it proper to punt a political pundit????? AND how is it scored??????
Maybe I should give James Carville a call?????



Montanagirl said...

I'm weary of it all already. They only tell you what they think you want to hear - then most of them never follow through.

Country Gal said...

I agree with Montanagirl . They are all full of it here to ! promice this and that none of them ever do much good for little guys US ! Have a good day !

Anvilcloud said...

Signs seem like such an anachronism. I wonder how much good they do?

Daisy said...

HA! Good luck with your pundit punting! (That's a bit of a tongue twister.)

grammie g said...

HI G...I think you have a great article here for the local blat..or even better a talk radio host could get things hopping!!
You may have to practice some of the tongue twister word though!!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Who is FRED Karger?

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