Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ever Hear Voices?

No, not from your loved ones, but those unexplainable inner voices – often called premonitions – cautioning you before you go somewhere or do something. Some studies claim that folks who have premonitions about the simplest or silliest things in daily life, could be on the way to developing psychic abilities. Most advise listening to these inner self messages.

If ONLY I had done that today!

Here’s why – heading to the recycle center, I stopped at the post office for our mail (no street delivery in our part of town) and decided to separate the “junk” from the “important” mail, placing each in a white envelope. I heard  a warning voice, “don’t throw out the wrong envelope.”

Off to recycling, then to an appointment and a thought to check the “important” mail envelope, YIKES it was the “junk” envelope! Luckily, the recycling center was less than a 5-minute return trip, although I might have made it in 3 minutes.

WHERE was the right one? IMG_0328
SOMEPLACE in here . . .

After explaining my dilemma to the recycling attendant, he handed me a long grabber pole and wished me luck – LOTS of luck.

Finding a white envelope in this pile would be a challenge. IMG_0327

What was in the envelope? Bills, end of year statements, new insurance cards – items which could be replaced but not without some MUCH frustration.

After a seemingly hopeless 10 minutes of reshuffling, some of the recycled paper started to look “familiar.” YES, it was recycling we had tossed out when EUREKA, the envelope ! IMG_0331

Amazingly, all the inserted paperwork was still inside. despite all the reshuffling I had done.

Basking in my good fortune (and saying a few many prayers of thanks), I went to the local CVS retail store to pick upIMG_0333 cough suppressant for Grenville (he’s feeling better, but still coughing). A sale advertised “buy one, get one half-price”  so I did and was going to toss the receipt. But, “something” advised keeping it until I got home. Too bad it didn’t advise me to check it too !

WHY?  both had rang up full price.


IMG_0335A return trip (another 5-minute drive) to correct the overcharge. The cashier redid the purchase and got a $3 rewards toward future purchases.

So, the next time that nagging voice comes around, I’m going to listen to it the first time !


Montanagirl said...

Yup - gotta listen to those little nagging premonitions! You lucked out.

grammie g said...

HI B...Me oh my,I bet there isn't any of us who could say that we haven't been in those or at least one of those situations...!!
Glad the right envelope got found though!!
Yup that inner voice; }

Elaine said...

You were very fortunate that you found the right envelope! You do need to listen to those inner voices, and not just listen, but keep those thoughts in your head for longer than a few minutes. I know if I let mine go I do something unthinkingly just as you did with your envelopes.

possum said...

Another reason I never sort or discard mail at the PO unless it is a flyer or coupon book I leave out for someone who might want it. I know of several people who spend their days going from PO to PO digging thru the trash cans... at least that is cleaner than digging thru the recycle bins!
How fortunate you were to have found it! One of the day's minor miracles!

Sandra said...

oh my, after this story, I will be sure to listen to my little voices, tht is if i can remember your story, since senior moments are getting closer and closer together.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

That is awesome you were able to find the envelope!! Whew and much prayer.

I think of how many times I should have listen but did not. Could have saved me much heart ache.

That inner voice is always right.

Lois Evensen said...

You are so funny, but right, too. Listen to your inner voice.... :)

Out on the prairie said...

You had me worried at 1st, i work with many who hear voices.LOL I do have those premonitions sometimes.

HermitJim said...

I hear voices in my head all the time! I just am careful to not answer them in public!

Glad everything worked out for you today!

Christer said...

Yes always listen to that voice!
We are not allowed to recycle envelopes here, the glue is problematic to remove when they make paper of the recycled paper again, so this is at least one thing I can't do. I do so many other things anyway :-) :-)

Have a great day and I hope Grenville gets better soon!

Anvilcloud said...

Good thing you caught yourself when you did. I hope the cough gets better. We've had some health issues up this way lately.

Doris said...

I had to chuckle! So happy you found your envelope.

I love CVS...I have my coupons waiting for my purchases this week, including the $10 one from last week!

Daisy said...

Oh goodness. I'm glad you were able to track down and retrieve the envelope. I know how that is. I've occasionally tossed something by mistake and had to go back and hunt it down.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel back if you buy something and then throw away the receipt by mistake. When I was very young, newly married, and dwelled on procreation most of the time I was awake or asleep, I would wake up and find my pack of Marlboros was empty. No place to get them at those hours in our one-horse town.

I used to buy them, rip off the wrapper, light a cigarette, and speeding out of town, in the dark, would roll the window down and throw the package of 19 cigarettes out the window and keep the wrapper on the seat beside me.

Don't unplug your hub said...

This is hopeful. I keep getting the feeling that I am going to win the national lottery!
Hope Grenville feels better soon.

Cicero Sings said...

So happy when I obey that inner voice - not do happy when I rationalize it away to my detriment.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks Everyone for the comments and sharing your experiences. The "voices" can be annoying, but hopefully will NOW listen more. Very thankful (and fortunate) to have found this envelope. Also, Grenville is feeling better and has "shared" his cold with me... such a sweetie!

HermitJim, wise not to answer those voices in public :-)

Christer, interesting that you cannot recycle envelopes with glue. Here, the recycling station will not take shredded paper.

Abe, the one about you tossing out the cigarette pack was funny, even if you didn't think so later.

John (Don't Unplug), my inner voice has not been telling me I would win the lottery, but then maybe it should tell me to BUY a ticket (or more).

Pat transplanted to MN said...

I am glad that you found the envelope...I long ago learned that I need to heed my voices, when ever I don't they say "Told you so but you wouldn't listen..." Sounds like you had a ding dong day..

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