Monday, January 9, 2012

Coming Clean & Coffee

Curious about the title? It will be explained soon, or I could certify that a crazed alliteration critter captured me? Or, credit fellow blogger, Daisy, for the creative concept in a  “what’s new” blog post (click, if curious).

Our road trips can contain curious or confusedlaundry room commentary. Often, we visit places not considered  commonplace like this cleaning center conveniently cloistered in our NH accommodations.

laundry collageWe collect a couple of copious loads to clean, then celebrate completion ! (“c” below)

After the weekend Maine excursion to visit fellow blogger Grammie G, Grenville’s Cherokee was covered in-credible crud, after we cruised through a recent snowfall. It clamored for cleanup. What? You don’t consider this credible?

My Canon camera captured these car wash capers.
car wash collage
car wash collage1
So how does coffee connect with coming clean?

coffee (4)
Curiously, it can’t, but this couple needed cups of caffeine to celebrate completing clothes and car cleanups.
Better conclude this commentary.

Ciao !

“C” you later.


Daisy said...

Haha! I'd say you two are a very Clever Couple! :-)

I liked the Car wash pictures--very Creative and Colorful.

Thanks for the link to my blog, too!

grammie g said...

Hi sure you haven't had to many cups of coffee already ...maybe caffeine over load! hahaha!!

grammie g said...

Hi sure you haven't had to many cups of coffee already ...maybe caffeine over load! hahaha!!

Montanagirl said...

Love the car wash sequence!

Out on the prairie said...

A fun collection of thoughts

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Daisy, we enjoyed your blog post so much we decided to have some fun too. Thanks for the idea and glad you enjoyed it!

Grace, not much coffee at all, just having fun with words :-) and boy did it take us a long time to concoct this creation.

Thanks Mona, it's always good to have a camera handy for the unexpected and having shot in a car wash before I knew it would be fun again!

Steve, glad you enjoyed it too. Thanks.

Elaine said...

I can see why you needed the coffee after all the C-ommentary!

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