Monday, December 5, 2011

Redesign Means Gone?

penguin t-shirt (1)

It’s NOT the penguins fault.

This time it’s Google Mail (Gmail) driving me a bit crazier than usual.

Gmail has a new design. Today, I found out that my mailbox contents were GONE – all GONE, saved emails too.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but in a post last week, I invited fellow bloggers who wanted to do a holiday card exchange the old-fashioned way (postal mail) to send me an email.

Several fellow bloggers responded and I saved their info in my Gmail account. But tonight there were NO emails in my Gmail !!!

BACKUPS are always a good thing as I’ve learned from past experiences. This weekend I had copied the card exchange info to a file on my computer.  To date,  these bloggers had replied: Artic View, Dancing with Daisy, Montanagirl, Wspersweetly of Cottages, Mamabug’s Nature Photos, and The Cottage by the Crane Lake.

IF anyone sent an email in the past day or so, it may be in Gmail never-never  land. So, please resend to the email address listed on my blog profile page. I’ll check my Gmail account later and hopefully will get it.

What’s this ALL about – here’s the “guidelines.”

  • Post by snail-mail only (please)
  • Include a photo of yourself, family to share
  • Add a personal note (pretty please).

We’ll do the same which means you can “see” Grenville & Beatrice.

  • Email Beatrice (check her blog profile page).
  • Include your email, name, and mailing address.
  • She will email back and provide OUR mailing address.


Daisy said...

My email changed designs a while back. I'm still not used to how it works now. I wish they would have left it alone. I liked it better the way it was! Hope you find your lost emails.

Elaine said...

I am convinced that there are gremlins living inside every computer, just waiting for a chance to do mischief.

Montanagirl said...

The mischief Elves are at work!

Don't unplug your hub said...

They will be there somewhere.

A Quiet Corner said...

If the mischief hits here, I'm moving on!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

I am sure they are on your machine. If you have a PC it will be easier to find that on a Mac.

Go to Start and click it. You should see a search box right above it. Type in the name of one person or title that was one the list. It should show up and from that you should be able to get.

Sandra said...

i agree about the gremlins in our computers and email and blogs... makes me crazy. i don't do snail mail any more.

Anonymous said...

That happened to me too some time ago so now I have no adresses left either!!! I just can't understand why they have to delete everything when they change how things look!!!

Have a great day!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh dear. I cannot for the life of me find your "blog profile page" ...I've searched your sidebar...and I don't see your profile at all.??? What to do, oh, what to do? :)

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Been there done that. Yahoo not long ago lost all my temp eamil address and I cant get them back.

What is with that? And its not a free account, I pay yearly for it. They say "SORRY"...

I so home you are able to get all your info back.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Mona (Wsprsweetly) sorry for the confusion, if you click on my name under "Contributors" it takes you to my profile page and my email address is below the image. But, I DO have your name and mailing address cause I saved it before Gmail lost it - THANKS!

Hi Tammy, sorry to hear about your similar with a different service. Nothing is safe, especially online "stuff." I will keep less info online in Gmail and "save" important info elsewhere.

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