Friday, December 31, 2021

Holiday Hotel Trees

Whenever we've traveled during the holiday season, and there's been a fair number of road trips at that time, we've always taken our photo by the decorated hotel πŸŽ„
Most times, that's involved several photo opps and this recent holiday road trip was no exception as the tradition continued on our 2021 holiday travels.
We took selfies by πŸŽ„trees in the hotel lobbies of four states — NY, PA, NJ and RI. (
We visited family in the last three states; NY was just an overnight stay.)

Without fail, whenever we take a selfie, someone will offer to help. We politely decline as we prefer a facial close-up not a body shot and are pleased with our results. Do you prefer to take a selfie or let someone else assist?

What are you doing New Year's Eve? 
OK, we'll go first. On this final day of 2021, we're at home and later today will share food and a game of dominoes with another couple. We've been regularly meeting up to do the same things last year and this year. All of us have been fully vaccinated (with boosters) and feel comfortable gathering in one another's home. And, long before midnight, everyone will be home and most likely asleep as we're not exactly party folks, and never have been.

How will you spend the first day of 2022?
Again, we'll go first and share our plans. We're staying home, wearing comfy clothes, snacking on appetizers and treats, watching not one, but three vintage films with the same theme: lovers meeting on top of a tall NYC building. The first and last film were made over 50 years apart. Braggin' rights to any of you who can ID them in a comment.

We wish you & yours a Happy New Year
See you in blogland in 2022


Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love that you do this and have such beautiful trees to show us! And your smiling faces as well!! Your selfies are great. Mine aren't always that good, as they usually focus too much on my double chin or some other I kind of like it when someone else offers to take the picture so I can relax and smile a little better and not worry so much about the angle of the photo. LOL. Vanity vanity...all is vanity...LOL. You actually do a great job. Do you have one of those "selfie-sticks", or just a nice long arm? Happy New Year!! This was fun!!

Anvilcloud said...

Of course, I let others help if they want to. I can do over if I wish.

Happy New Year although I think I've wished you that once if not twice already this morning.

Jeanie said...

I love those happy selfies! You two look great. I always will let people help. Then I go home and crop the photo to be a close-up! You're right -- they never quite get the idea of getting in there, unless they happen to be good photographers (and most are just people being nice!)

Happy New Year, my friend. Onward to more adventures in 2022!

Barbara Rogers said...

Well both An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle come to mind, because the latter references the former. Another one? Can't come up with it. Enjoy though. I'll bring the popcorn. Which sounds about like what I'll do tonight...with a bit of alcohol to help me fall asleep when others are making noise...maybe by 9:30! Love all your selfies. I've become less embarrassed taking them these days...find a young person and they all do it! Unless their parents are wanting to take one of them...or grandparents. But I'm talking about teens on into 20s. Happy New Year!

Bijoux said...

Well, I personally hate selfies and prefer full body shots! Lovely trees in hotel lobbies. I’ve never traveled at Christmas, but bet it’s fun to see. We always have steamed crab legs and champagne on NYE. Unsure what we will do tomorrow, but I’m itching to take down the trees, etc, Happy New Year!

Marcia said...

Not too keen on selfies myself. Never been very successful with that. Short arms maybe the cause?

Barbara got the movies that I would have named but must admit couldn't remember the name of the older of the two.

MadSnapper said...

sleepless in seattle is the only one I know. I thought of you yesterday when the Christmas Movie hater Bob, watched Love Actually with me. I heard the news go off and the talking actors and thought is sounded like that movie, I walked in to see what was on and it was about 10 minutes in. I sat down to watch and we finished it. the only love story he has ever watched before with me was Pretty Woman. that tells you how bored with life he is, he seemed to enjoy it. we don't take selfies because Bob will not allow it. I have begged, no deal. I have to take shots of him when he doesn't know. he hates photos. I do most of my selfies not up close, using hand swipe to talk to thephone. my arms are not long enough and i don't like all the wrinkles and pores shining out. I think iphones take better selfies but that is a therory

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Those Christmas trees are beautiful.

I think I know the movie(s) you mean, but I don't remember the title. There was the original, then a remake (I didn't know about the third one). Without giving away the plot (to others reading this comment), a man and woman agreed to meet at the top of an NYC skyscraper one year later.

With regard to how I'll be spending New Year's Eve this year: last year I stayed up to midnight, thinking 2021 would be an improvement over 2020, with the covid-19 vaccines just beginning to be given in December 2020.

But I didn't watch the Times Square ball drop on TV in 2020, because I never will again. Despite covid-19 cases in New York City being significantly higher at the end of December 2020, compared to September 2020, the Ball Drop occurred, but the "Never Forget 9/11/2001" memorial service (in September 2020) was cancelled.

This year, the cases are even higher, but the ad revenue money maker show will go on, as I knew it would, despite the triple vaxxed catching and spreading covid, and Israel giving out fourth shots.

Jon said...

All of those hotel trees are lovely, but my favorite is the NJ one. Great holiday photos!
I can guess at least one of your movie choices to ring in the new year. It's probably the 1957 film, "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr (which was a remake of the 1937 film "Love Affair" with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunn).

I hope you have a wonderful new year - with lots of exciting road trips!

Linda G. said...

Whenever we travel during the Christmas and New Year holidays we will get a picture of any Christmas trees we see, be they in a hotel or elsewhere. Some of the pictures are selfies, some are full bodies. You do a great job taking selfies. I like some selfies I take; others not so much. My arm doesn’t seem long enough, and Imshake sometimes. I recently purchased a selfie stick and have liked selfies more since the purchase. Now to remember to bring the stick with me :)

Rob K said...

I love those beautiful hotel trees. And that's quite an itinerary--I was exhausted just reading about your travels.

I usually take selfies, but if people offer, I'll happily let them do the honors.

My New Year's Eve is going to be decidedly quiet with dinner and a movie at my sister's house. And as soon as the ball comes down, I'm heading home.

Happy New Year!

My name is Erika. said...

Have a fabulous New Year's Eve and New Years Day! I hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2022.

William Kendall said...

I'll be up til midnight, but my New Year's Eve is being spent quietly at home reading.

Kathy said...

Beautiful trees. And I love the selfies too. You both look so good. I will be spending tonight watching TV (a movie?) and snacking on goodies. It's something we do every year. I was planning on watching the Mummers Parade tomorrow, but it just came over the news that they cancelled it because there is going to be a downpour and all the costumes and instruments would be destroyed. They are moved to Sunday so I will have to watch them then.

Have a wonderful New Year. So glad I got to meet you this year.

DeniseinVA said...

Always enjoyable to see those lovely selfies of the two of you. And those trees look wonderful! Happy New Year to you both!

Sandi said...

Happy New Year!

Beautiful trees.

We watched New Year's Eve from 1946, all the big band players like Artie Shaw and Tommy Dorsey.

DUTA said...

Cameras have self-timer , so no need for assistance from others, only a right spot to place the set camera on it, and she'll do the job.
I prefer full body shots.

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I rarely take selfies myself, but enjoy seeing other people’s selfies. 😁

Happy New Year to you both!



Rita said...

I don't really take selfies and don't even like pictures of myself taken--lol!
Happy new year! :)

Lee said...

My very best wishes to you and your loved ones for the coming year, Beatrice...take good care. May all you wish for come true! :)

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I know the movie.......they are my favorite.
An Affair To Remember
Love Affair
and then
Sleepless In Seattle
It is a good time to watch movies on the chilly January days! I love your photos!
Here wishing that you have a wonderful year ahead with all good and happy things!

Doris said...

Love the trees! You do a good job on your selfies. Me, not so much...although I still try once in awhile. Sleepless in Seattle is the only movie I could come up with.

gigi-hawaii said...

Beautiful photos! I would love those 2 movies since I lived in NYC 1970-1975. Happy new year to you and your husband. He looks so young without the beard. LOL.

Veronica Lee said...

Love those happy selfies.

You two look fantastic!

Happy 2022, Beatrice!

Polly said...

I like your selfies Beatrice. I don’t like my selfies, but I did do one for my daughter in Australia to show her my Christmas jumper!
Your New Year’s eve sounds very nice. I’m not a party animal anymore. I like a few drinks and watching Jools Holland bringing in the New Year. My New Year’s day was very similar to yours.
Your family photos are lovely. What a kind gesture of Lilliana to think of making cookies for Santa.
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year :-)

Rain said...

Happy New Year Dorothy and Patrick!! ♥♥ Beautiful happy photos of you two!!! Oh we fell asleep before 10pm, we decided to have a sip of bubbly at 9pm just in case lol!! We did the same, pj's and movies on New Year's Day! Everyone mentioned the movies I was thinking of too! Hope you had fun!! ☺

Jeanie said...

Oh, I DID see this post! But I missed your last challenge!

CrystalChick said...

Beautiful trees and terrific selfies!! Ron doesn't really like his picture taken, but will occasionally be cooperative.
On the Eve, we had another couple over for lunch. Ron made a dip that my mom used to make many, many years ago, so that was nice. I made us all fancy grilled cheese sandwiches... assorted artisan breads and various cheeses. We had soup, too, but only the canned version. I love to make soup... it's probably my favorite thing to make...but there wasn't really time to cut veggies and simmer thru the day, etc. In the evening, we took a game to our daughter/sil's house and played that with them, visited a bit with the grands. Home way before midnight.
Happy 2022!

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like your happy selfies.
Happy New Year Wishes.

All the best Jan