Friday, November 25, 2016

Snowed In

(This post is in place of the usual Friday Funnies for some pre-holiday humor.)

NOPE there's hasn't been a major snowfall in Nashua, NH — yet. Just an overnight dusting that Grenville posted about this week. 
That said, we have "snow" in our apartment and it will be scattered throughout our New England winter village (photos to come soon). Now, for the humor which comes in the form of brief conversation this week after buying artificial snow.

Beatrice: I wonder why it's called Buffalo Snow?
Grenville: Probably because that's where it's made (he said with a (very) straight face.)
Beatrice: Hmmm, it was probably made in China and just given that name because
               it snows in Buffalo.

YIKES, Grenville was right, which even surprised him as he had no idea that Buffalo Snow is actually made in Buffalo, NY, where it really does snow a LOT!

And, so this got me wondering . . .

How often does it snow in Buffalo, NY?
Buffalo's first winter snowfall usually occurs in November;  the last snowfall is in April. Some early snow has fallen in October and late snow in May. Buffalo typically is snow-free from June through September.

How many snowstorms annually in Buffalo?
The average annual snowfall in Buffalo is 93.4 inches; some areas receive nearly a year's worth of snow in about five days. Most snowfalls result in less than an inch. Snowfalls of over 5 inches usually occur four times a year. Major blizzards of 10 inches or more happen on average once a year. For about two-third of winter days, Buffalo has an average of an inch of snow on the ground. it snows the most during January.

Does it snow more in Buffalo than other places in the U.S.?
Buffalo is in the top 101 U.S. cities (population 50,000 +) with the highest average annual snowfall. It ranks #8 behind cities in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

By comparison, several New England cities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire were in the bottom 50s and 70s on the list.

But, we know that snow will be a-coming.


Sandra said...

a friend close to Buffalo is snowed in with 2 feet of snow for TG..

Anvilcloud said...

That's cool, about the artificial snow coming from Buffalo.

Buffalo is in a bit of a snowbelt. I am surprised that it doesn't rank higher on the list, but I suspect it is one of the bigger cities with so much snow.

William Kendall said...

It's right in that lake effect snowbelt area, so it gets a lot of snow.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

I laughed about the Buffalo snow - I would have guessed China, also. I also would have guessed that Buffalo gets the most snow - I'm surprised that there might be somewhere in New Jersey with more annual snow. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

diane b said...

Rug then and keep warm.

Connie said...

Artificial snow from Buffalo--well, I guess if anyone knows what snow should like it, it would be people who live in Buffalo. :)

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