Monday, November 17, 2014

More Happenings

It's been a couple of weeks since an update on what's been happening around The Frog & PenguINN. The last update described how we've been downsizing by selling, donating and tossing "stuff" that seems to have accumulated in our nearly 11 years here on the VA eastern shore.

Recent efforts have been focused on outside house projects and yard work. Luckily, we've had some really warm fall temps.

Grenville did some touch-ups on the front porch trim. It needed a freshening after the humid summers here.

He's quite handy with a paint brush and does great work.

I left him to that task as he said he didn't need help. I've learned to only ask once so it was OK with me to skip that project.

Instead, my project was clearing out the front flower beds to ready them for winter. They look pretty barren in this photo, but were soon covered up with pine straw.

Pine straw is simply fallen pine needles. In some areas, folks pay money for this type of mulch, it's free for us thanks to the neighbor's pine trees in the back yard. (No, he doesn't mind if we gather it.)  

A few years ago, fellow blogger, Possum, explained about the various names for dropped pine needles here on the VA eastern shore. Being natives of NJ, we would call them pine straw, whereas folks in different areas here call them "shatters" or "shatts." The idiosyncrasies of local language.

The wildflower meadow was the next yard project. It was tackled by Grenville and his friend, John Deere (the tractor). An earlier post late last week showed off these blooms.

Before and after shots. Pine straw came in very handy once again.

While all this outdoor activity was going on, there were a couple of observers — Percival, the front porch penguin, and Francis, the head garden frog. 

These were gifts given by a friend before we left NJ, who knew what we planned to name our home. They were the first of many future frog and penguins to reside here. All were non-living, of course, unless we include the numerous garden frogs and toads which would visit every spring and summer. But, never a live penguin.

And, in all the years of living here, these two (and others) have never helped with chores.


Sandra said...

hope the weather holds until you are done with winterizing.. we call it pine needles, although i have heard pine straw before. we have two giant trees so have plenty and to spare..

Out on the prairie said...

A valuable mulch. They had mulch dealers in Tenerife, Canary Islands that sold wagon loads of pine needles to the banana growers.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, greetings.

It is interesting to read the various projects you are doing at present before the on set of winter. Interesting photos.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I never do anything in the flower beds in autumn. All the rain and then really cold weather as our winters usually have just make it easier to kill the plants. The water gos down to the roots and then it freeze. I doubt You have that problem :-)

Have a great day!

L. D. said...

It makes one feel good when the last minute projects get done. I didn't get all my painting done but I sure enjoy see what I have done. My garden didn't get cleared but maybe it will when it warms a little out there. I never knew why those names but I like them.

Latane Barton said...

well, you two have certainly been busy. The place is looking mighty spiffy and all ready for winter. But, it does look like your guests, the frog and penguin would help out a little around there... Just saying.

Emma Springfield said...

Even in its nakedness the grounds of your lovely home look good.

Connie said...

There is a lot to keep you busy there! I think Percival and Francis are best at supervising. :)

William Kendall said...

My dad has done a lot of that housepainting down through the years. It came in handy from time to time for extra money.

Gail Dixon said...

Grenville looks quite focused on his painting. Love the idea of pine needles for mulch. They sell cypress mulch around here and I really hate that. I read an article the other day that said you should leave leaves on the ground as they serve as habitats and also protect the ground in winter.

Anvilcloud said...

You're a very industrious pair.

Anonymous said...

We have been renovating, too.

Montanagirl said...

Well, at least you're staying out of trouble! That's such a neat home you have there.

Doris said...

You two are always up to something =) Your painter looks like he's taking his job seriously!
Here's hoping a buyer comes along soon!

DeniseinVA said...

I like how your observers are overlooking all that hard work you have been doing.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Dorothy!
I was born and raised in Toms River, NJ. We just called them pine needles. I live, love, love the carpet they make on the ground.

Why did you move to VA in the first place? Why did you name it the F & P? Are you going to name your little apartment?

Many smiles from m & jb