Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching Up + Thanks

chicken RV0618 (1)Enjoyed all the great comments on last week’s Friday Funnies about the portable chicken coop. Grenville gets the credit for calling it a chicken RV. Can you tell that we have fun on trips looking at what’s travelling on the road with us?

0615 bobby-ellie collage (3)Also appreciated the comments on the grandkids — Bobby and Ellie. We see them again in July so consider yourselves forewarned that more photos will be coming afterwards as we celebrate Ellie and Grenville’s birthdays.

It was great to read your comments on What’s on Your Key Ring and to see how few of these (or even none) other folks carry. When we finally get “smartphones” (ours are still “dumb” ones) we may follow the suggestion from Triumph and Odd Essay and just use a phone app instead. Thanks, Daisy for cluing me on the called key tags name;I also have one for the “Y” but it’s on a separate lanyard in with gym gear. Christer, we like your use of a padlock for a key ring.

The butterfly collage on the Flying Flowers post was created in Windows Photo 0625 WPG butterfly collageGallery (formerly Windows Live Photo Gallery) FREE and similar to Goggle’s Picasa. However, unlike Picasa, it requires a minimum of 7 images for collage creation. WPG provides  management, tagging, and searching for digital photos, also an image viewer and a photo import tool to acquire photos from a camera or other removable media. WPG also lets you share photos by uploads to SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook. There’s no shortage of FREE editing and sharing SW available, just a shortage on time to try ALL the features.


Out on the prairie said...

looks like you are having a great time

Montanagirl said...

Well, your collages are beautiful! I found the collage maker on Photoshop to be a lot of work and rather tedious and time-consuming.

Daisy said...

I thought your butterfly collage was so cool because at first glance I thought it was all one big picture!

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