Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving Thoughts Thanks

imageWe appreciated the comments received on the last post about our moving preparations. All were moving (whoops, sorry about that pun). Grenville and I read and really appreciated all the wonderful comments about our home, The Frog & PenguINN, AND especially all the good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers — from many folks who have gone through (or may be considering) a move. Thanks, everyone for sharing your experiences.

Since we don’t know if folks revisit a post to read any replies to their comments, I decided to post our comments as well as links to others’ blogs in this separate post —  ALL are special folks.

Karen (away for the weekend). Welcome back and you are SO right about the thought of moving being overwhelming. It is to us as well and we did it when we moved here from NJ. The difference was that we bought this house BEFORE selling the previous one and we spent 2 years going back and forth between the 2 homes to get projects done. This time we plan to sell the VA house without having another place to live, at least right away, thus we are putting things in storage and trying to be somewhat organized.

John (The AC is On). Since no one has (yet) come by with an offer, we DO have the time and after slacking off a good part of last year we are back in what we call our de-cluttter mode.

Pat (Pat’s Posts).When you moved from CA to MN you must have gotten lots of folks wondering why? We do too with our planned move from VA to NH. But then we like colder temps and snow. We DO try to pack in similar size containers/boxes and label them as well. We did the moving between NJ and VA from 2003-2005. It’s not the thought of moving that’s anxiety-producing, but the follow-thru. Rotting for St. Joseph to come through for us.

Mildred (Maple Lane). We know you have also been though a downsizing move and see how happy you and John are in your new location, so we are hoping for that same feeling. Yes, we do think the F&P is lovely and hope someone else feels the same way — preferably soon. Thanks for the prayers.

Denise (An English Girl Rambles). We also hope there will be a fast (and soon) sale too. We find that giving things away whether to local organizations and/or family & friends feels great. Good luck to you and Gregg when the time comes to decide your future. Thanks for sending us the good house for sale fairy, maybe she will work with St. Joseph?
Mellodee (Mellodee Musings). Glad that St. Joseph helped when you sold your home OR maybe it was that fresh-baked bread. If we knew when someone was coming we might bake some chocolate chip cookies. Nice to know you would like our home IF your family also lived in VA and not TX.

Christer (thecottagebythecranelaketwo). Glad you like the charm of our home as we do too. We also hope that the economy starts moving soon and we DO like your optimistic opinion that our home  will sell fast when it does!

Claire MC King. Yup, we have heard lots of friends tell us success stories thanks to St. Joseph. Hope we get added to that list!

Tammy (Simple Southern Happiness).  Knowing that we share similar positions now with hoping to move, we are also keeping your plans in our thoughts and perhaps good things will happen for both of us.

Sandra (MadSnapper). Yes, we do hope that there advance preparations will mean less craziness later, but Grenville would tell you that I am usually crazy so a little less would be nice.

Rebecca (Shenandoah Gateway Farm). Deciding what to keep or not is tough and we are sure we will wish we kept some of the donated items and vice versa.

Debby (cozy blanket). You are right that is is quite a job to list a home AND decide to move. We are now 10 hours each way from family in New England, so 90 minutes will seem like nothing in comparison. Also, the grandkids and their folks live in RI,, which is not where we would like to live as it’s too like NJ which we left behind. Thanks for the positive thoughts on selling soon. We remain hopeful.

Steve (Out on the prairie). We label all the containers, but are sure to find surprises packed in them and it will be like finding treasures!

JP (A Quiet Corner). Your are right in saying that unpacking will be like opening Christmas presents that we’ve given ourselves! As you did, right now we are using many items we will donate later; some will be packed later like the KitchenAid appliances. Thanks for the vote of confidence in St. Joseph too!

Eileen (Cicero Sings). Being organized is not something that comes easily and some days are better than others and some worse.
Grace (NewsFromTheHill). Thanks for the support and we will be hanging in for as long as it takes, which hopefully won’t be as long as forever. Just heard on the news that the real estate market is picking up. Great to read that you unloaded the pod and the storage unit is next! You are emptying out while we are filling up. We are making sure the lids fit tight and snap shut and the storage facility has outdoor traps with mouse poison. We would NOT want to have any dead ones inside the unit.

Rest assured that y’all (and anyone else who checks out our0113 house FRONT snow (2) blog) will be among the FIRST to know when our home is sold.

Grenville keeps saying, “The buyers are coming . . . the buyers are coming” whenever he sees a car traveling slowly down our street and in the past couple of weeks there have been several “lookers.”

Maybe one day soon his comment will become reality — we HOPE.


Sandra said...

we sold our house in 1989 ourselves. it was listed and a RE agent came and said he was showing the other two on our street, it was on Sunday around noon. he said my buyers would like to see your home, is that possible? we said yes, come on in and the next day our agent called and said they wanted it, cash closing in 30 days... full offer... we were flabbergasted and of course had no home to buy...

L. D. said...

I would like to move but never have so I don't have any good advise. I did take a couple of years to close down my parents house after their passing and I found one needs to throw as much away as possible of the things that you really don't use. Streamlining the things you need and use makes a lot of sense. I hope the best for you two in this exciting new adventure.

Cicero Sings said...

God's timing is impeccable. Your house will sell when the time is right. St Christopher, I have no experience with. Grin. My condo sold in ten days and i was out of it a month later. But i really felt an inner push to put it on the market when I did. I'm so glad to be rid of it!

DeniseinVA said...

Dear Beatrice and Grenville, I am still wishing you a fast sale. Who knows, maybe this week will be your lucky week and with Saint Joseph and the good house for sale fairy, and everyone's good vibes heading your way, you'll be on the road north before you know it :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it grand to have so many blog friends praying and wishing you the best in your move? I pray God will lead a buyer to your home who will love and treasure it and that you will find a perfect new forever home soon.

Unknown said...

St Joseph's Day is 3/19...the Pres' WILL sell!!!...:)JP

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Wishing you a fast sale. I am sure someone will see you home and know it is for them!

Lois Evensen said...

The last time we moved was in 1979. That experience convinced us to avoid any repetition in this life time! ;) Happy moving to you, though, because I know you want to be near the kids. That's a perfect reason to move.

Doris said...

Waiting for a buyer is hard. Our son had some lookers at their home on Sunday but no one has called this week yet.

As others have stated, your home is lovely!

Connie said...

I hope you find a buyer soon. We've moved several times over the years. It is quite an undertaking.

Montanagirl said...

I'm back and feeling much better, so am trying to catch up. I know what you mean about moving - when we moved to Montana from Alaska in 2001, it happened so fast we hardly knew what happened! Our house didn't even get to hit the market, before someone made an offer we couldn't pass up. I don't care to have to ever move again

Anvilcloud said...

I guess real estate moves more slowly in a very rural area.