Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pet a Bee – Who ME ?

OK, I will admit to being as fearful of buzzing insects as most folks and bee petting is NOT something I would normally (or not)attempt. A Do Not Disturb post this week explained that bumblebees really DO sleep on flowers. I also mentioned that a neighbor often “pets” ones sleeping on the flowers in his yard.

Naturally, the reaction from folks reading that post was a resounding – NOT ME. Several folks said they were allergic to bee stings. That’s a great reason not to get too close. And one that works for me even if I’m not allergic.

But, being curious and often foolhardy (just ask Grenville), I decided to give bee petting a (one-time) try tonight.  I can assure you that I “petted” several bees. The flowers look the same because we have an abundance of cornflowers and cosmos in the wildflower gardens.

Thankfully, none attacked. It amazed me how lethargic most appeared, although a couple did raise a “back off” leg – and I certainly did just that.
bee petting collage
I read many online accounts from people who said they smiled at the bees or talked calmly to them while thinking good thoughts about them. I did neither.  While I have nothing against bees, this experiment was not about making “friends.”
FYI - there are lots of YouTube videos and internet postings about bee petting. It seems lots of folks do this on a regular basis. 


So, would I try this stunt with other insects, like a Wasp?
In a word – NEVER!

DSCF3359Wasps are my nemesis. I absolutely believe thatDSCF3356 they can sense my fear, then head right in my direction. These were in the asparagus patch I was weeding last week and we steered clear of one another. Otherwise, I know just what to do – call for Grenville to kill them.


Daisy said...

HA! You're a brave soul. I think I'll stick to petting kittens and puppies. :D

L. D. Burgus said...

Yes, wasps are evil. A bumble bee once in a while gets the idea that I need to be stunk, but wasps are territorial.

grammie g said...

HI Beatrice..I one of those allergic people.. and even if I weren't I would not pet a bee absolutely NOT!!
Wasps are the most cranky fellows and can really deliver a good bit,even take a junk of skin to!!
Glad you had that experience..your a brave women!!

Elaine said...

Ah, you are a very brave lady. Bumblebees will go about their work as long as you don't bother them and I don't mind having them buzzing around the flowers. I agree that wasps are evil, and my biggest panic is reserved for yellow jackets. They attack for no reason and will sting multiple times. Unfortunately some years here we have very large infestations of yellow jackets, and when that happens I spend a lot of time indoors. Fortunately Marty has no fear of them and he too comes to the rescue and kills them for me.

Cicero Sings said...

Let's put it this way, bee petting isn't on my bucket list.

Montanagirl said...

Yup - I'll stick to petting kittens too! Nice photos though.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love Bee's...I need them for my fruit tree's a bee? "NOT ME!" is exactly right! I do not know if I am alergic to them or not..and honestly do not care to find out. We have a beautiful large black bumble bee that visits our back yard on a regular basis...and I only watch him from afar. I with that..this is the first I have ever heard of people doing that. Petting a bee, I mean. What's next..wonder if people would like to be by a bee? NOT me!

Out on the prairie said...

I may have to give it a try just to B nice.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Now this is something I could try, I adore honey bees but yellow jackets and wasp I will pass.

I had no idea this could be done, I have not seen the bees here still like that. Will keep watch.

I do have loads of wasp at one birdbath, they let me come up and put cool water in it several times a day and do not fly away or bother me. I wonder if they know I am there to keep them hydrated. Yellowjackets are the only ones that sting me so when they are on the patio, I run back inside.

Great picture of you petting the bees, were they soft?

Sandra said...

i can't believe you tried it even though i see the proof in the photos. yowsa, i run from bees and if i saw one sleeping would not even get close enough to snap it. you have touched on my extreme fear of WASP i hate them i kill then I scream when i see them. at age 15 one dropped down the back of my Sunday dress on the back steps of the church, screaming my mother led me in a Sunday school room and stripped my dress off and beat the wasp off with the dress, it just kept stinging. since them they all die if it get the chance. yesterday while snapping in the back yard I screamed for hubby, there is a WASP NEST on this palm frond. he calmly walked over and clapped his hands together on the nest. how dumb is that, but at least i shut up. my thing with the bee, is at age 40, we were riding our bikes the day before we were to leave for a trip to GA. all of a sudden something hit me in the eye and it hurt so bad i could not sleep all night. we got up to leave for the trip and my eye was swollen shut and oozing. had to wit for eye doctor to open, and he pulled a bee wing out of my eye, he said the impact of it flying and me biking embedded the wing in my eyes. pretty much ruined our trip since i am a whiner with a patch on my eye.

Ginnie said...

It just amazes me what I can learn daily in this new computer age. I have never heard of petting a bee but I'll bet my bee keeper friend Michael would approve... I'll have to ask him.

texwisgirl said...

they're so cute, i'd pet them too. :)

possum said...

" . . .it is essential to have the firm mind of enlightenment rooted in great love and compassion and, from the depths of one's heart, to either give one's body, wealth and virtues literally to sentient beings as infinite as space, or to dedicate one's body, wealth and virtues for them while striving in all possible ways to enhance the wish to give infinitely....we should literally give material help to the poor and needy, give teaching to others, and give protection to them, even the small insects, as much as we can with that wish. "

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Generous Wisdom: Commentaries

Anonymous said...

I think I would have done a lot more if someone came and poked on me while I was sleeping :-) :-) :-)

I´m not a great fan of wasps but they do eat flies so they are my friends anyway :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Don't unplug your hub said...

Yes bees do look a bit cuddly. What is the purpose of wasps?

Mama-Bug said...

I think it's cool getting up close to bees. Doesn't bother me a bit! When the big carpenter bees are out and about they will sometimes hover very near your face as if to say I'm just checking you out.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WOW those were some stinging comments - thanks ALL for sharing your comments on this subject.

Daisy & Mona (Montanagirl), I agree that kittens and puppies are better petting choices.

Mona (Wsper Sweetly) no thanks would not want a bee to pet me.

Tammy, the bees felt a bit fuzzy, but I didn't really pet long. Everything I read said these were most likely male bumblebees which don't have stingers. But, I wasn't taking ANY chances that it female!

Christer, thanks for letting me and John (Don't Unploug...) what wasps are good for - fly eating.

Steve & Texwisgirl, let me know if and when you try petting a bee.

Sandra, quite some nasty times you've had with bees - yikes!

Yes, Ginnie, it's amazing how many new things we can learn. Please do ask Michael about bee petting.

Anvilcloud said...

Well, I'll bee and so will Bea bee.

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