Sunday, July 18, 2010

So what did i see at the Aquarium????

Most folks don’t believe that i do take pictures some times, even me. BUT i did take some pictures on our adventure, of course not nearly as great as the Princess’ Photo Art. Like Beatrice said, my interest is in marine science but not necessarily in fish (unless they are breaded and deep fried). I’m one of those guys that is caught between the estuary and the deep blue sea. Or to put it another way, in water that is not more than waist deep and nice and muddy. And the critters i like the best usually have no backbone (Invertebrates), and live in the mud.

So here are some pictures of critters that i found interesting.
IMG_0530 IMG_0531
When i saw this ‘Moon Jelly’ i remembered that we skipped lunch, but i couldn’t find any ‘Peanut Bunkers’ to make a quick sandwich (a fish joke) IMG_0555IMG_0567
This guy was supposed to be in ‘Casablanca’ to say “Here’s looking at you sweetheart”. The director felt he looked down; another fish joke. He is a ‘Look Down’; Sorry!!!

Next time there will be lots of Marsh scenes.


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, Grenville, your marine humor is just so funny. ;) I hang out with a guy who is a maritime marine sort of jokster, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LOis
I usually don't joke. Most times i just flounder around and if someone laughs it is really a fluke. But that depresses me and i get really crabby and clam up, but in therapy i learned that this could become a halibut and should work on it. BUT thanks :-)

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