Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And the final amount is>>>>>

a whopping .25 inches of rain here. ANd now that the cold front has moved past us we are back in a ‘Bermuda High’ which brings clear weather but in the summer also heat and humidity, with occasional afternoon thunder storms. At 9:30 am it’s 86F but the heat index (what it feels like) is already 95.

SOOOO our harvesting was done early this morning.

IMG_5543 IMG_5541  IMG_5542 IMG_5544


Not bad for an early mornings pickin’s. Some of these will be going down to the Camp since we can only eat so much. The Roma Toms will get skinned and de-seeded then frozen for sauce later in the winter. Unfortunately today i am not eating. Well not solid food at least and no ‘red’ liquids (but the white zinfandel was fine last night). So why is this , you may ask? I am ‘preping’ for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning, which means this afternoon will be interesting but not much fun. Maybe i should try that ‘Live Blogging” for this event????? Well maybe another time.

Other big news,,,, we have a new resident in our yard. A young bunny!!! So far he/she has taken up residence in our wild flower patio and has chosen a diet of dead grass and green weeds. Hopefully we will have pictures of Bunny soon.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good thought on skipping the blog posting until another couple of days - after the event!

Montanagirl said...

Those veggies look terrific.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

No harvesting here yet, but I do have two small tomatoes to look forward to :-)

I don´t envy You on that colonoscopy. I hope it isn´t to bad.
Take care now!

Anonymous said...

Hi All
Thanks for the veggie compliments. Can't wait till tomorrow so i can eat them again.
Thanks for the positive thoughts Christer.

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