Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NYC City-Scapes

Aside from time spent at a family wedding in NYC last month, we had some time to explore areas near our downtown hotel and see some iconic architecture.

Grand Central Station is just as grandly large as its name suggests with so many people coming and going. It's a great place to people watch, but our time was limited.
Evening views of the Chrysler Building seen on an after dinner walk and the Empire State Building (from our hotel room) were impressive and colorful.

This rainy and foggy view near the Chelsea Piers area was taken before the ceremony. The piers, not visible here, served as a passenger ship ferry in the early 1900s. The piers were used by the RMS Lusitania and were the destination of the RMS Titanic.

We made brief stops at a few landmark NYC buildings: Chrysler Building (top left and bottom left) with its art deco look, Daily News (top right and bottom right) with no sign of Clark Kent, and the Waldorf Astoria (bottom middle) with its signature 1893 World's Fair lobby clock. It was designed to commemorate Columbus' discovery of America.

While I can't identify these buildings (except the green-topped Chrysler building) the structures were impressive. There's never a shortage of amazing architecture in NYC.

These "modern" buildings presented interesting angles and some fun with lines.

NYC has always been an amazing destination for me.


Sandra said...

I really love the last two collages, all those arty lines of the buildings. it is beautiful and I like your photos a lot. I would snap myself silly. I was only there in 1952 when I was 8.. only a few memories. thanks for the awesome view of Grand Central station, I have never seen it even in a photo

Emma Springfield said...

New York City is one of the few places I have not visited. The buildings are magnificent. I admit that I would enjoy the plays and concert venues. For the rest I feel like too many people and the closeness of all those beautiful buildings would take away my enjoyment.

Connie said...

Great pictures! There is so much to see there.

William Kendall said...

Amazing architecture in the Big Apple!

Doris said...

I would love to visit NYC again. It's been way too long.
Loved all your pictures....thanks for sharing!
Wow, the prices of in room snacks!!

Anvilcloud said...

You've provided us with an interesting tour.

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