Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Together . . .

OK, Friends, I need your help today in wishing my best friend a GREAT day . . .Ready ? – all at at once . . .

Happy Birthday Grenville

Yup, TODAY, July 15, is his special day and day tripping here. Photos to follow in an upcoming post.

While everyone’s in a singing mood, here’s more birthday celebrations for today:

  • 1991 Emily Roeske (actress)
  • 1961 Forest Whittacker (actor)
  • 1951 Jesse Ventura (professional wrestler, MN governor)
  • 1946 Linda Ronstadt (singer)
  • 1944 Jan-Michael Vincent (actor)
  • 1939 Patrick Wayne (actor)
  • 1935 Diahann Caroll (actress)
  • 1935 Alex Karras (actor, NFL)
  • 1931 Clive Cussler (author)

    possum said...

    Didja hear the radio this morning?????
    Happy Birthday to Grenville from Possum????
    Have a GOOD one! See ya later!

    Lois Evensen said...

    Hey, have a great day! Happy Birthday! When people complain about having too many birthdays, I remind them that having birthdays sure is better than the alternative.

    Anvilcloud said...

    Happy Birthday G, and keep cool.

    Anonymous said...

    WELL!!!!! thank you all for the greetings. YES Possum i heard the radio... best was Bill's voice wondering "Who is this"....
    Today will be an adventure to the VA. Marine Science Center. Beatrice will have lots more on that later. Thanks again.... and i agree with you Lois... the alternative is not good :-).

    HermitJim said...

    Happy Birthday, my friend! One good thing about Birthdays...they only come once a year!

    Ever wonder why everyone else seems to be looking older but us?

    Elaine said...

    Happy Birthday, Grenville. The aquarium looks like a wonderful way to spend the day!

    The cottage by the Cranelake said...

    I´m one day late unfortunally, But congratulations to You! I hope Your day was great!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jim. About the looks, my HS friend Ron and i were saying the same thing... I think we just aged better.
    Yes Elaine, the aquarium was GREAT, and i can't wait to go back after school has started so there are less kids runing wild.
    Don't worry about being late Christer. Being late now and then is a good thing. I intend to be late for my funeral, in fact i may not even attend. All those sad faces are so depressing!!!!!
    And now back to the farm. Tomatoes need harvesting this hot and steamy morning. 82F@7AM.

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