Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bloggers Are Friends

For many of us, fellow bloggers have become friends. 

It would be wonderful to be able to meet face-to-face with these friends, but most will remain on-line friends for many reasons: distance, time, commitments. We have been fortunate enough to meet a few fellow blogger(s).

When something happens to a fellow blogger or his/her family, we are saddened.

That's how I felt last night.

We've been away 2 weeks with limited Internet access and out of touch with blog-dom.

Once home, I started blog-binging and read very sad news. A July 30 post by Danny, the son of blogger, Mona (Wsprsweetly of Cottages) said that his mother had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few month ago and was in hospice care.

I never met Mona, but we exchanged blog comments, emails, snail-mail messages and cards so this was devastating news. Going to Comments and reading previous ones from fellow bloggers, gave me even sadder news — Danny posted again to say his mother had passed away peacefully on Aug 3. 

Mona was a very special lady. On her blog, she shared both sad and happy news as well as her passions for her home and yard and the joy and love of her very large family. She enjoyed fairy gardens, decorating and garage sales  I and and many others enjoyed her posts. She will be missed.

This is not the first time I've experienced the loss of a blog buddy and I know others have as well. We come to care about the lives on our online friends.

As another blogger recently noted, some folks stop posting with no explanation leaving others to wonder why?  It's always feels like a loss. I've contacted blogger(s) who were no longer online and hadn't said goodbye to learn they were OK despite not posting and that was reassuring to me. 

Longtime non-bloggers will suddenly do a catch-up post. Perhaps you have some of those listed in your bookmarks as I do and check back often. It was that way with Mona's blog as she had taken some blog breaks (which we all need) and thanked readers for their patience. So I'd check back periodically. Sadly, her son's update wasn't expected.

Perhaps you "know" fellow bloggers who haven't seen online in awhile. If so, you might send a thinking of you message if there's a way to contact them provided, which may not always be possible.

If you can, take the initiative and reach out. You and others may be glad you did. 


Sandra said...

I am glad you posted this, I commented on the sons post about Hospice, but did not see the update about her death. she was a long time blog friend and is sadly missed.

Emma Springfield said...

I was not acquainted with this particular blogger but I mourn her death. I have had blogger friends who abruptly disappear from the internet. Some may never come back, some come back and begin anew, and some post sporadically. One was a wonderful woman who lived a tough life and was fighting cancer. She was always cheerful with a happy outlook on life. I do not know what happened to her. I can only surmise that she is no longer suffering.

Denise inVA said...

I didn't know Mona's blog but I was still very sad to hear of her passing, may she rest in peace.

Blogoratti said...

What a sad news to hear, thoughts go out to her family and friends during this period of mourning.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I was shocked to read about Mona. So sad. I had followed her but lost touch when she was away for awhile and at the same time I lost my blog list that I go by.

I do wish folks that are going to stop blogging would do a farewell post so we don't worry that something bad has happened to them.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I think we can all agree with your comment, Cheryl. Sometimes, bloggers may plan to return to a blog but never do for various reasons and understandably serious illness/family issues are included. It was most likely a hard post for Mona's son to update everyone with this unfortunately sad news.

Leonora said...

I'm going to say, "I'm sorry for your loss" Dorothy because I know these blogging friend losses grieve us just as much as those friends we know in person. She sounds like she was a special lady.

William Kendall said...

I wasn't familiar with her, but I've known some bloggers who have passed away, particularly unexpectedly.

L. D. said...

The extended dimensions of blogging can get to be heartbreaking. My wife just lost an artist blogging friend that she had known for years. She had a rough year and did pass just recently. We were grateful that the husband did let all of he friends on the net know what had happen. We who survive feel so helpless and wish we could do more.

Lynn said...

I'm so sorry to hear this - I didn't know Mona's blog, but am sorry for your loss and to the loss of a special lady in the blogging community. So sad.

Valerie said...

So sad. I know I would miss my longstanding blogging friends so I hope they will pre-warn an imminent departure.

Anvilcloud said...

We do miss those who pass on. And, yes, it would be nice for people not to just drop out ... but maybe they never intended to, so it's hard to be too critical, I guess.

Ginnie said...

I have been blogging for 11 years and many blogger friends have passed on. The one I will never forget died in 2011. He related to many of my memories of my grandfather and we became regular correspondents. I think you will find this first paragraph of his obituary very interesting:
"Morton Reichek, a senior editor and senior writer for Business Week Magazine, died November 8, 2011. He lived in Florida and was 87 years old. During his retirement, Reichek became one of the most prolific and well read "elderly bloggers," writing about politics, his childhood, Israel, and his war experiences. His blog www.octogenarian.blogspot was highlighted in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and AARP magazine"

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thank you, Ginnie, for adding this comment about your blogger friend, Morton. Like you, As I stated in this post, so many of us have become regular correspondents and friends with fellow bloggers online. To me, blogging has been so much more satisfying than other forms of social media which I do not participate in as they are not personally rewarding.

Christine said...

Hello & thanks for your visit & great comments on my blog posts, I'm so glad they brought back happy memories for you!
Blogging friends do become real friends so I do sympathise with you on the loss of your dear friend.
I hope you will feel welcome to follow my blog & I'm now following you!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so sad about your blog friend. Cancer is an awful disease. May she rest in peace.

baili said...

May her soul rest in peace dear Beatrice!

i felt for her and how kind of her son to post about her death so her friends can know about her .

i often say to my eldest son that if i pas out kindly post at least one line that i am not in this world anymore so my friend might not be thinking that i got no manners to inform them about the reason for no t posting anymore

diane b said...

A sad post but a lovely one too where you show so much love and compassion for your bloggy friends.

possum said...

Philip has been gone for several years now... I miss him greatly! His blog posts always said something - maybe some historical stuff - either about Canada or historical stuff about the USA, since he lived here at one time... or maybe it was more personal, the health of his dog, how many kittens he had, his family, building his cabin... even politics.
I remember when I read that he had cancer. Made me cry. I never met him but we talked on the phone and by email. I always hoped to get up to his place, but it never happened.
I was so grateful when his son sent me an email telling me his dad was gone. I hadn't heard anything for several weeks. It truly was losing a friend.
Sorry about your friend. said...

Hi Dorothy:
It's me...Kathy (Purple Flowers). I left the blogging world for a couple of reasons. Although I loved writing and enjoyed meeting people, many of my blogger friends were joining FB, and I decided to cross over. I now keep in contact with far away relatives, I get to see photos of my high school friends and their grandchildren and the list goes on. It's the only social media I bother with. I just couldn't see myself blogging and also posting on FB. It would be too much time on the computer, and I feel a strong need to get out of the house.
I just re-read my last blog post. It was a brief eulogy about the passing of my Mother two and a half years ago. It saddened me again. I think I know that eulogy verbatim. I can practically recite it.
I might write on my blog space sometime in the future, and will let you know when. I do miss it. I tend to post photos on FB along with journaling a little. It's my need to write like I did as Purple Flowers.
I am going to make it a priority to stop by on a regular basis and say "hi".
Be Well,

Connie said...

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your blogging friend. I've lost a few on my list too. It's sad because you do become close to other bloggers.

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