Wednesday, January 27, 2016

After the Storm

Family and Friends who live in various parts of the East Coast are digging out this week after the big HUMONGOUS weekend snowstorm. All are safe, but a bit very tired.
Thanks to everyone for your comments on the previous post. 

While we were disappointed at being bypassed this time, we know there's a lot more winter left to come. We will most likely "get ours" speaking of snowfall that is.

We were very envious of everyone's bonanza snowfall, so it was hard to understand their collective lack of enthusiasm. After listening to friends' stories of spending hours clearing drives and walkways, we know WHY — been there and done that ourselves for many years, especially when living in NJ.

Here's a few more photos sent by family and friends after the storm was over. My brother, who lives in NJ, said the headgear we gave him came in handy. Two friends, also in NJ, sent photos of the snow piles in their front yards. Granddaughter Ellie in RI had the most fun making snow angels in the yard. 

With no new snowfall in Nashua, NH, we  took a weekend walk in nearby Mine Falls Park. The leftovers from two earlier and very small January snowfalls are slowly melting away. 

Most of that snow has been trampled down and refrozen so it's bumpy and lumpy ice in many places. But we navigated fine, thanks to wearing the STABILicers Walk cleats that we bought in the sporting goods store with our snowshoes. We've heard fellow bloggers to the north, like ACtalk about the benefits of wearing pull-on rubber cleats for walking on ice. This was our first experience wearing them. We highly recommend theses or one of other similar brands for anyone who treads on icy walkways. A plus is that this brand is USA made in Maine by Stabil.

Warmer daytime temps in the 40s this week will put our snowshoeing excursions on the back burner until a significant storm occurs. Still, there were some nice images to see on our walk. All were taken with a cell phone.

We hope all those who had snow this weekend were safe. 
(Could you deliver just a little to us?)


A Quiet Corner said...

LOL! So you sold your house, moved to the NE and no snow but you are still having fun and that's what matters!!...:)JP

sonia a. mascaro said...

I am glad, Beatrice, that your family and friends who live in various parts of the East Coast are well and safe!
Thanks for your visit and nice comment on my blog.
Wishing you and yours a happy week.

Sandra said...

love the shadows on the snow and have never seen the cleats before. i bet they make it a lot easier to walk

William Kendall said...

My mother used something similar in the winter, called Yak Trax.

Connie said...

Those rubber cleats sound great. I hate walking on ice. Those snow piles look quite daunting.

L. D. said...

My neighbor has those cleats. She made me use them last winter when I had done some errands for her.

Emma Springfield said...

I am sure you will get your fair share of snow before the winter is through. Our last snowstorm did not happen. I cannot say that I am sad about it.

Anvilcloud said...

I think you used your 'crampons' (I'll use that term for now) well. It is harder in the city when you move from clear areas to icy areas as you don't like to wear them on pavement but you can't really be taking them on and off all of the time. Looks like you found a spot for good use.

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