Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Planting Doing Well

Yesterday was the beginning of the final spring planting extravaganza.The first plot of corn went in. I got to use our new corn/bean planter. Not as easy as it looks. Then the ground cloth at the far end of the tomatoes got rolled back and green, yellow, and lima beans were planted. This year we were smart and only planted bush types (anyone want the left over pole bean seeds). And the days final planting was all the viney stuff. Only two hills of the overly prolific green zucchini that grows to baseball bat size if not watched closely got planted. Then some nice yellow crooknecks, our favorite butternuts, and finally the annual cucumbers (I can taste them and a fresh tomato right now). Then just for fun (well I think it is fun) all of the edges got cleaned of weeds and pushed back to form a trough for drainage.

Last year I ran out of drip irrigation hose so I went on a late season buying spree and bought up all Icould. Well this year almost all the irrigation has been set out and I have quite a bit left over and all brand new. But later in the year as the second plot of corn goes in some of it will get used.

Sorry there are no pictures yet (I had to get an entry in so Beatrice wouldn't hog all the space here) but if you come back later this evening they will be here. AND you can see the mulching that is set for today along with the mowing (our regular Friday routine) .

Sunday Post:::::::
OK OK O K... so here are some of the pics. On the left is the first plot of corn where i may add the other two sisters of squash and pole beans. Have to think it over. On the right is the official viney patch with butternut, yellow crooknecks, and italian zuccinni along with some cucumbers.

Beatrice was a big help with the mulching. She really brightened the job up. I was a little nervous though with reports of Crock's seen in the area..... :-)

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