Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Compost, water and mulch

Yes siree, that is what today has been. First was getting our new "Roller Composter" working right. This little baby will do 12 cubic feet of compost. Now don't ask me how much that is cause I really don't know. My feet are normal feet not the cubic type. BUT from the size of this baby it should be filled sometime around July 4th.... AND then just 14 days later we will have nice rich yummy compost.... Well that is what the book said (maybe not the yummy part).... and it does look neater that the open bin we were using, but i will miss the swarm of fruit flies hovering all around....

NEXT biggee was turning on the irrigation system and hoping for NO LEAKS!!!!! And sure enough the system was fine. Tested all of the drip irrigation lines and only 3 were clogged so the good ones got set out in the first field that got planted last week and low and behold it all worked...(Drip, drip, drip, its irrigating all through the day and all through the night). I love it when a plan comes together, don't you?????

THEN it was mulch time. Last fall i really stocked up on pine straw. To the point we had to build a separate bin to hold it all and then had to double it in size.... and that was on top of covering all of the fields with pine straw. So now the first field is mulched between rows and hopefully the weeds will stay under control better than last year.

The final fun for today was putting a new cover over the hammock. This year's attempt is recycling the old roll up blinds from the front porch. One rolled out and screwed down in each direction. Unfortunately it started drizzling as the project came to an end. The big test will have to wait until tomorrow when there is sunshine.

Pictures of all this great stuff will be here tomorrow 'cause the rain is here and my camera is out in the car and I'm in my sweats and getting ready to bread our tuna steaks and grill them (inside unfortunately. Beatrice won't come out and hold the umbrella for me).

LAST MINUTE NEWS.... The Purple Martins have returned. Stay tuned for late breaking aviary news....

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