Sunday, February 1, 2015

Christmas Late

'Tis true, that the Christmas season has been over for several weeks now (yikes, it's really been that long ago). But, holiday gift giving isn't just limited to a single day, is it?

That's what grand kids Bobby and Ellie found out when we visited for the weekend and brought their delayed gifts. Our get-together was late this year with the passing of Beatrice's mother in NJ before the Christmas holiday. (Thanks to all who sent condolences.)

Ellie is very adept at unwrapping tearing off wrapping paper and she happily looks at each gift before going to the next one. We limited gift giving to a few items for each.

Her brother Bobby was adept at gift opening too as Grandpa Grenville watched. Of course, the wrapping paper featured penguins, but frogs are harder to find (especially in winter).
After the gifts were opened, there was lots of playtime and Grandpa joined in too — he's a big kid at heart. Bobby set up his microscope; Ellie "doctored" Grandpa.

It rained part of the weekend and on Sunday, Ellie and Bobby were still always in play mode and PJs were definitely the best attire on a dreary indoor day.

Ah, it's great to be a kid and have Christmas last a little longer, don't you think?
There's nothing like a pile or Legos® for fun, but glad we didn't have to pick them all up.


Anvilcloud said...

I don't think a delayed Christmas was all bad in this case.

Anonymous said...

We have a christmas song here saying christmas lasts till easter :-)

I do like those gifts :-) especially the microscope!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great gifts for your grandkids!

Kay G. said...

You know, I bet the kids enjoyed the delayed Christmas presents that much more!

Montanagirl said...

And fun was had by all! :)

Rebecca said...

They may want to start a new tradition of two Christmases EVERY year😊!

Daisy said...

Looks like much fun! They are so cute!

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