Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Update 1

Back again. Wind has seriously picked up. For a while i thought our rain collector had clogged with debris since it was telling me that it was NOT raining. So i trudged out to check.

IMG 0277

Turned out that the wind was blowing the rain SIDEWAYS!!!!!! and nothing was going into the collector. The rain is sort of light right now, but the wind is sustained at 15mph, gusting to 25mph.

Reports from our local radio station WESR 103.3 ( there is serious flooding on the seaside and the bayside. High tide on the bayside is still an hour away. AND County Emergency Radio is beginning to report wires down and transformer fires.

Here at the F&P we still have power, and Storm Activities are underway.


IMG 0275

   THe Pumpkin Pancakes were great. Princess Beatrice is hard at work on a pot of Black Bean Soup.

IMG 0274

  Latest stats

  Temp=52.2F falling

  Baro= 980.5 mb falling

  Wind= N-NW 17 Gust =25+

  Rain moderate, blowing sideways

IMG 0276

  Minor    flooding


DeniseinVA said...

Just looked outside and the wind is starting to pick up.

DeniseinVA said...

p.s. enjoy that Black Bean Soup. Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast too? I wish I was over at your house ;)

Doris said...

Not too bad here yet. Your food sounds yummy! Think I'll mix up some cookies. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Here in GA, we have wind gusts up to 33 mph. temps in the low 50's. I am praying for each of you in the path of the storm. Stay safe.

Sandra said...

we are having wind to 35 mph and bright sun, not related to the storm though but the cold front that has us at 67 right now and 49 in the am... i pray for your safety

grammie g said...

Hi G&B..thanks for the update !!
B you look all comfy in that outfit,my kinda style : )!!
Glad to hear things are good so far!!

Anonymous said...

Before blogging I always found Your storms fascinating, so strong and sort of magnificent.
Now I know a lot of people in the US and now I don't like those storms at all!

I really hope it won't be too bad! Stay safe!


Susie Swanson said...

Praying for you and all in involved.. Stay safe..Susie

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