Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chipotle Chicken Casserole

Why this recipe is called so named is unknown as it was done in theChipotle Chicken (2) crockpot and didn't look like a casserole. It did have a lot of excess liquid and was “soupier” than expected. The ingredients were exactly as the recipe directed; next time I’ll use less liquid.
Grenville declared that it tasted good (and he should know). We served this over Spanish rice to help absorb some of the liquid.
IMG_2436Here’s the recipe source. As you’ve seen from previous posts, this is one of several crock pot recipe book in my collection. They come in handy when I I have some ingredients, but can’t find a suitable recipe to use them. That’s when I go and check another book. The internet is another great source too.
FYI this recipe called for navy beans, but we had none on hand as we’re trying to use up surplus canned goods. I substituted red kidney beans; luckily, we had a can of black beans (last one). Here’s the recipe straight from the source . . .
IMG_2430This was a colorful mix – before and after cooking.
Chipotle Chicken (5)Chipotle Chicken (7)


Sandra said...

i love any recipe with beans, this one looks and sounds great to me and over rice is even better.

Daisy said...

This sounds good, Beatrice. Sounds like it would be healthy too. :)

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