Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Friday Funnies Reveal

It was quite interesting to read everyone's comments on the "What is This" construction shown on the most recent post (Friday Funnies) and below.
There was some very interesting feedback. The most popular "guesses" were some sort of walkway/promenade followed by handicapped ramp and even one for a wheelchair races ramp (thanks, David G.) and mini railway (thanks, Boud) and boat dock (thanks, Erika). Several folks admitted that they had no idea.
Yes, this will be a ramp for handicapped access and replaces a metal stairway that had previously been in its place, but was not as long.
Handicap ramp under construction near Cotton Mill apartments
It is adjacent to the Cotton Mill apartment building which is directly across the Nashua River from Clocktower Place mill apartments. Construction is expected to take two years to complete.

This bridge over the Nashua River connects the two mill apartment buildings and is also a walkway for the river walk. This ramp under construction is the second ramp; the first one is shown below.
Ramp and stairway near Clocktower Place apartments
This ↑ ramp and a metal stairway are next to Clocktower Place apartments. Instead of being a straight run, the ramp is a switchback type as there is an access road behind it.

The new ramp is not the only construction that's been going on in the mill yard area in recent weeks. The pocket park area known as Le Parc De Notre Renaissance Fran├žaise, popularly called French Park or Renaissance Park, is undergoing a complete transformation. A pocket park is a small park accessible to the general public. The locations, elements, and uses of pocket parks vary, the common defining characteristic of a pocket park is its small size. 
Start of construction in Renaissance Park

The first photo above was taken soon after work started and the second photo a day later shows the brickwork, sidewalk and asphalt being taken out.
The boxed item in the photos is this ↑ sculpture (La Dame de Notre Renaissance Fran├žaise) created by Christopher R. Gowell of a young mill worker and her son. It stood in the center of the park and has been boxed up for protection during reconstruction.
Ongoing construction work at Renaissance Park
The above photo shows what the site looked like last weekend. We will be away for a couple of weeks on our first road trip of 2024 and expect it will look much different by the time we're home.
A conceptual design of a renovated Renaissance Park
According to project plans, the renovations to Renaissance Park will include a permanent performance space and more recreational opportunities.The projects are part of the Downtown Riverfront Master Plan, which is part of the Imagine Nashua Master Plan. Estimates of the total cost of the renovation projects ranges from $13.6 million to $19 million. 

Living so close to this renovated park, a short walking distance from the mill apartments, we're looking forward to its completion, hopefully within the next few months.

We're away on our first 2024 road trip, which will include stays in Maine (Brunswick and Bar Harbor) before continuing to St John in New Brunswick and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. In ME, we'll re-connect with former VA friends and celebrate our 1st date anniversary (27 years ago). In Canada, we're meeting fellow bloggers for the first time. Any other blogger(s) within these areas also interested in meeting, please contact us via the blog email. We're checking email on our adventures.


Bijoux said...

That looks lovely. Have a wonderful trip!

Tom said...

...we have a 50 year young daughter with a physical handicap, we know well the challenges for some to be independent.

Marie Smith said...

See you next week!

Kathy G said...

I love when older buildings and areas are revitalized for today's use.

Marcia said...

Have a nice trip.

MadSnapper said...

have a great trip, great idea for the ramp and the park space. LOVE that reflection photo!!!!!

Rita said...

That's great that it a ramp or walkway for people--handicapped and otherwise. Nice! And having a new little park so close by will really be nice. I'll be waiting for pictures. :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

A handicapped ramp, that is so cool! I think there are not near enough accommodations for elderly and handicapped people. The park is such a great idea, I can't wait till they finish, and you show pictures. Hope you're having fun and show us all about your trip when you return!

Jeanie said...

That ramp will be terrific. That's a great community service.

Michelle said...

Have a great trip!

My name is Erika. said...

A handicapped ramp is much better than a boat dock.That park looks like it will be lovely once completed. Have a great road trip. hugs-Erika

Barbara Rogers said...

Have safe and happy journeys! Sounds like lots of fun. Loved seeing the ramp as it's begun, and will look forward to it's finish as well as the park. I do hope the park doesn't put on band concerts that are broadcast throughout the area...but New Englanders are pretty savvy about those things.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

We should always take care of ALL of our citizens.

Anvilcloud said...

There's much transpiring. Is your rent taking a hit?

That ramp in the first pic looks very steep for a wheelchair, but I guess they're all electrically powered now.

nick said...

Good to have an upgraded pocket park and a disability ramp to the bridge. I like the statue of the mill worker. Jenny and I toured New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island in 2019. What stuck in my mind was all the lighthouses, over 160 in Nova Scotia we were told, as well as lots of model lighthouses.

photowannabe said...

Have a wonderful trip. Its always fun to meet up with friends and bloggers. Take plenty of photos.
The new park and walkways will be so nice to have access to.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, to answer your question about a rent increase, of course, rents like taxes and everything else always goes up. However, these projects are not being done by the management of the mill apts, but are city and most likely state-funded.

Veronica Lee said...

It's great to see communities investing in accessibility and public spaces.
These projects not only improve the quality of life for residents but also promote inclusivity and social cohesion.

Wishing you a fantastic road trip filled with unforgettable memories, Dorothy!

baili said...

Thanks for sharing very nice images of how ramp will join two buildings. Pocket park sounds wonderful opportunity for inhabitants from surroundings.
Best of luck for the road tours my friend Dorothy. Many many happy returns of the day ❤
Sending lots of love!

David said...

Hi Beatrice, I would have never guessed that something that big and that long was a wheelchair ramp. Very impressive and welcomed by many I'm sure. Have a great trip! We love Maine and that part of Canada too. We've been in P.E.I., New Brunswick and Nova Scotia too. Very relaxing areas to visit! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave