Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CT Birthday Celebration

(No) Surprise, we've been on the road again. This time the travel was to family events, which are always good great things to celebrate together. We attended an 80th birthday and a wedding, both within a week of one another and in 2 different states.

The first event celebrated the birthday of Grenville's Aunt Anita, shown with her son, Dennis. Family and friends gathered in Storrs, CT at the home of another son, Dan, for an afternoon of catching-up, food, and fun. 
Dad (Grenville) and daughter Shannon chatted as did assorted cousins. A third son of the birthday celebrant, Jeff, is at the top right talking with a cousin, Sally.

Appetizers and dinner were served buffet style so everyone could circulate easily. Dining was indoors or outdoors. Younger party goers, including our grandchildren, joined their cousins at their own dining table.

"Big Band" style music was provided outdoors on a vintage record player, which led to this couple "cutting a rug" or in this case, a lawn.
Grandkids Bobby and Ellie motored around the lawn in their cousin's "Jeep" and were joined by friend, Andrew.
A birthday party just isn't complete without everyone gathering for singing which is always followed by candle blowing and wishes made.
Grandson Bobby, who is taking violin classes in school this year, gave a solo performance.

Then came time to blow out 8 candles, one for each decade totaling 80 years. The birthday "cake" was apple pie, Aunt Anita's favorite dessert. 
After dessert, folks gathered to do something that people seem to do less now with social media. They sat and looked at photo albums. Several were available at the party and sparked a lot of interest as memories were discussed and shared among family members. (I maintain photo albums in our home. Do you keep and/or look at albums?)
Meanwhile, the younger party goers had fun at the backyard fire pit which was perfect for roasting marshmallows (with adult supervision).
Once the marshmallows were perfectly done, they were used to make gooey, delicious S'mores enjoyed here by granddaughter Ellie and grandson Bobby.
The day's festivities ended with Aunt Anita opening birthday gifts. She had many interested youngsters eager to help her. 
After the birthday celebration and an overnight stay in CT, we headed to our native NJ to spend a few days visiting friends before attending the wedding of our niece, Julie (details in a future post). This was the second niece married this year. (My brother can relax now as he has no more daughters.)

13 comments: said...

What a fun birthday party all around. Happy Wednesday.

mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a wonderful event and so nice to catch up with family and share memories and photo albums. I make scrapbooks for any major events in our lives but do have some photo albums.

Sandra said...

bob's favorite is apple pie also, makes a great cake and great idea for 8 candles. you have such a large family and all beautiful and handsome and cute

DUTA said...

Happy belated Birthday to aunt Anita! The celebration looks very well-organized in terms of food , entertainment, and kids.

bill burke said...

Looks like everyone had fun at he birthday celebration. Family fun and making new memories is priceless. Great pics!

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

It looks like a fun gathering.
Happy belated birthday to your aunt!

Connie said...

Lovely family pictures! Looks like it was a fun birthday gathering.

William Kendall said...

It looks like you all had fun!

Emma Springfield said...

It was a fine celebration. All the love of family is apparent in the pictures.

baili said...

Ah what LOVELY post dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


loved the fun and togetherness of families ,

PRECIOUS photos uplifted my day so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

life is Nothing without such family relationships and gatherings!

more blessings to you and you BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!

Valerie said...

Wonderful celebration for the birthday girl. How lovely to have so many folk to help celebrate the special occasion.

Gracie Saylor said...

It is lovely to see some of your happy family gatherings in this post and interesting that you spent some time looking at family albums. Some family albums were passed around at my sister's house in CA last week. My oldest sister and I were Creative Memories consultants for years. My albums are packed at the moment as I hope to sell our house soon and move, but one day they will be explored again :)

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely post. How wonderful your grandchildren are building up such nice family memories.

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